Monday, May 17, 2010

Sporting careers, Not without Sacrifice

Today’s Career choices are somewhat different from the last few decades. For example statics show that people these days don’t stay in their chosen career for more than five to ten years. Whereas a few decades ago you will still find people in their chosen field to this day. Sport is no different; however you will only find a handful of top athletes able to make a change through codes. I guess what I am getting at is a profession in sport will probably only last a maximum of ten years and then you will need to find alternative work after retirement. Most top athletes are finished by the time they are 30, so a great deal of sacrifice goes in to a sporting career and some sacrifice comes from furthering employment beyond the sporting fields. It is very important that getting a good education at school and even furthering studies or getting a trade after school, will put you in good stead after you have finished with a career in sport.

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