Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sherwood Forest Run.

Try this run on a Saturday Morning.Every Saturday morning at 7AM, and everybody is welcome.

We have kids as young as 6yo, taking on the 2km, and some regulars, are in the 70+yo group, so there is sure to be somebody of your pace and ability.

Please arrive at least 15minutes before this time to warm up and have your name recorded.

What distances do you run?
Its, your choice, 2km, 4km and 6km, on an out and back course, with km marks in white paint on the road.(1km/5km, 2km/4km, etc)

Yes, we know that your GPS will register about 5.85km to 5.9km for the 6km, but who cares, its the same distance every week, and we have been running the same course since 1982!

How much does it cost?
$2-00/week, which we donate to charity, and its an 'honorary system', where you put the $2-00 in the jar, on the drinks table.

Before the run, also record your name at the 'Official Table', and as you cross the finish line, please remember the time called out to you, and go back to the table and ensure it is recorded.

You are welcome to stay on after the race, when we have the "Call of the Card", which occurs at about 7-40AM, when all runners are formally acknowledged.

Where does it start?
At 'The Sherwood Forest Park" carpark, in Jolimont St, Sherwood

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