Monday, April 11, 2011

12 Week Challenge Update

Hi all the newly updated 12 week challenge results for week 6 cardio are;

Team 1 (Tom, Mike, Gary, Jim): Zero Points
Team 2 (Levi, Ross, James, Machine): Zero Points
Team 3 (Alex, Andrew, Darren, Brett): Zero Points
Team 4 (Marianne, Judy, Yvana, Megan): 20 Points
Team 5 (Alex, Dean, Nathan, David): Zero Points
Team 6 (Chris, Mal, Rocket, Lace): Zero Points
Team 7 (Chris, Tanya, Luke, KFP): 20 Points
Team 8 (Kathy, Gary, Tiff, Matt): 10 points
Team 9 (Levi, Burgo, Parra, Fiona): 40 Points
Team 10 (Alan, Rae, Reuben, Dave): 80 Points
Team 11 (Chris, Samuel, Jake, Matt): Zero Points
Team 12 (Brandon Jamie, Sam, Michael): 20 Points
Team 13 (Keeghan, Nelson, Renz, Ryan): 80 Points
Team 14 (Peta, Steven, Cathy, Luke): Zero Points
Team 15 (Liam, Jeff, Nuku, Ben): 10 Points
Team 16 (Steve, James, David, Josh): 20 Points

Note: Week 9 core testing will be conducted this week. Please contact Fitnance if you cannot complete the requirements.

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