Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Byron Bay Triathlon

Hi all,

The Byron Bay triathlon will be run at the Byron Bay Surfclub on Saturday May 7th, 2011.

Transition area opens at 9.00am and will close at 11.00 am as the first wave starts at 12 midday. Familiarise yourself with the location of your bike and the entry/exit points to transition.

No competitor will be accepted after 11.00am Saturday and we cannot be responsible for you arriving late so allow for mishaps when making travel arrangements.

Individual Registrations and Team Registrations will be located separately in the Surf Club hall.

You will receive at Registration:
•1 bike sticker (to be wrapped around bike seat stem so that your number is shown on the left and right side of your bike. Numbers need to point to the back of the bike.
•1 helmet sticker (to be attached to the front of your helmet)
•1 timing band (to be attached to your left ankle prior to swim start. Remember – no band – no time)
•1 swim cap
•Sponsor bag/race pack

Please line up in the queue according to your Surname. At the registration table you will be asked for your Surname first and then confirmed with your Christian name. The attendant will supply you with 2 stickers, one to attach to your bike and one to attach to your helmet. This sticker will allow you to take your bike into the transition area and more importantly to take your bike out of transition after the Triathlon has finished. NO STICKER, NO BIKE!

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