Thursday, March 18, 2010

The many myths about running shoes.

The many myths about running shoes.

Myth 1: Good shoes reduce the impact of running on our body.
FALSE: There will always be the same amount of force applied whether you wear shoes or not. The key is the way you run. To reduce impact run as level as you can and run quietly with your feet as more noise equals more shock and you end up taking more steps than you need to.

Myth 2: A softer shoe gives better protection.
FALSE: Studies have shown the reverse- if you have a rigid foot with a high arch then you need soft shoes, but for most of the population a soft shoe will increase your chance of injury.

Myth 3: You have to pay top dollar for top quality.
HALF TRUE: You need to at least pay $160 to get both fore- and rear foot cushioning, and a mid sole made out of a higher grade and longer lasting materials. In saying that, it also comes back to your style of running. If you have a mid foot striker with great efficiency than you can run around in Dunlop volleys all day.

Myth 4: You have to break in running shoes.
HALF TRUE: It is not advisable to buy a running shoe and run 15km in them straight away. It’s not that your shoe needs to be “softened” but the indentation of your foot needs to be made in the sole.

Pictured: Patrick Nispel running Cross Country. Patrick is the Fitnance/2XU Run Group Leader.

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