Friday, March 12, 2010

How much help is too much help?

My Grandfather did most things physical for my Grandma. As a result my Grandma's health went downhill. Are you really helping people by “making life easier for them”?

I just watched an old lady take 2 minutes to cross the road. Every step she took was progress. I felt sad for her. Not as sad though as if she couldn’t make it at all.
Should I have helped her? Or would I have been doing her a disservice by helping her? Would I have been contributing to her getting weaker by helping her?

I can’t know all the reasons my grandparents have aged differently. There are too many variables. I can’t know if it was environment, their diet, lifestyle, or genetics, but I do know that blaming randomness is too easy. The choices we make in our lives affect our future.

The training we’re doing today isn’t just about today.

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