Sunday, March 6, 2011

PT Franchises

Group Outdoor Personal Training has taken off in Australia, and Step into Life is at the cutting edge of this unique business opportunity. Over the past 10 years we've developed a proven business model and created thousands of loyal customers in the process. Right now we have a number of very lucrative franchise opportunities for people who want to take charge of their destiny by developing a business that coaches, supports and encourages you to achieve your business goals whilst you coach, support and encourage others to achieve their fitness goals!
Our simple and effective system, combined with the support of our highly experienced business coaches, our national website, business education programme and Franchise owner knowledge network, allow Step into Life Franchise owners the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of owning their own fitness business while achieving a satisfying and rewarding work-life balance and benefits of healthy profits.
We're on our way up! Come with us if you have:
• A real desire to take control of your future
• The drive to work for yourself and be successful in your own business
• A strong work ethic, commitment and personal integrity
• A passion for helping others achieve their fitness and health goals
• If you don't yet have your personal trainer qualifications, no problems - we can help you with that
• An entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to self-motivate
• You can start your new business and be earning over $80,000 pa in just one year or take over an established franchise with an instant income!

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  1. That sounds like a good deal, it needs a good motivated character to have a good successful business..

    Lyle Stephens