Friday, January 15, 2010

Yibeltal Hansen

Yibeltal Hansen (Yibby)

Fitnance Trainee


Favourite foods

Sports played?
Soccer, Futsal and running

Favourite Fitnance Quote?
Do you really want to have fun or Do you really want to have fun!

How did you start at Fitnance?
Through Fitnance running the Cert 3 in Fitness at my school IONA.

How has your fitness/health improved since starting at Fitnance? Its been good. I hold the record for the Wall Sit

Your All Time Favourite Fitnance Session/Class?
Doing my record whilst playing gym golf

What is your current training schedule?
I come into the gym once a week and train hard for an hour with the running group then do a weights session. I want to get huge!

What are your next training goals for this year?
To win and become a UNIT!

Who’s your most hated instructor and why?
I dont have one, they are all great but get you your results

Most admired sports person and why?
Thierry Henry and Floyd Mayweather because they are good at what they do and train hard.

Advise for anyone thinking of starting training at Fitnance.
Just do it, it's so much fun

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