Friday, January 15, 2010


Michael Brown

Manager of Group Professional Development LJ Hooker Ltd


Favourite foods
Brekky Creek Steak

Sports played?
You’re kidding aren’t you?

Favourite Fitnance Quote?
It’s just about lifting heavy shit around the gym and sweating a lot.-Steve Lacey

How did you start at fitnance?
Slowly-Invited by Tanya and work mate

How has your fitness/health improved since starting at Fitnance?
Yes most definelty. Should see at least my 60th birthday at this rate

Your All Time Favourite Fitnance Session/Class?
You really do have me confused with someone who enjoys exercise

What is your current training schedule?
Just about to rejoin 12 week challenge.

What are your next training goals for this year?
Wouldn’t mind running the bridge to Brisbane in August( without going into cardiac arrest)

Who’s your most hated instructor and why?
All of you can drop into that bucket depending on what you are making me do at the time.

Advise for anyone thinking of starting training at Fitnance.
Give it a go. You can take things at your own pace surrounded by good people.

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