Friday, January 15, 2010

Tito Gonzalez

Calixto Tito Gonzalez

Graphic Designer


Favourite foods
Latin and Asian Dishes

Sports played?
Soccer, Rugby League, Basketball, Swimming

Favourite Fitness Quote?
No Pain No Gain

How did you start at Fitnance?
Wanted to do my 30mins a day (sitting at a desk and computer all day)

How has your fitness/health improved since starting at Fitnance?
In Leaps And Bounds (loss of 102.5mm in skinfolds in 12 weeks)

Your All Time Favourite Fitnance Session/Class?
Lunch Time Bashes

What is your current training schedule?
4 Days a week (2 weights, 2 Cardio)

What are your next training goals for this year?
Strip body fat without losing much size and strength

Who’s your most hated instructor and why?
No Haters (actually myself when I give in on certain excersises)

Most admired sports person and why?
Anyone giving 100%

Advise for anyone thinking of starting training at Fitnance.
Keep the dream alive, drink a cup of concrete and harden the f*#k up!

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