Friday, January 15, 2010

Joe Spelta


Exercise Physiologist and Dietitian


Favourite foods
Mexican and Steak Sandwich

Sports played?

Rugby League & Golf

Favourite Fitnance Quote?
(at the start of a gym class) “How are you today?”
“I can fix that!!!”
How did you start at Fitnance?

STAFF – Started after completing 50hour Prac with Steve Nance

How has your fitness/health improved since starting at Fitnance?
Yes, and it’s still improving

Your All Time Favourite Fitnance Session/Class?

What is your current training schedule?
2 x weight sessions, 1 x 10km run, 1 x BURNOUT per week

What are your next training goals for this year?
Beat 0:42:30 on Mt coot-tha

Who’s your most hated instructor and why?
What sort of question is that?....I hate them all (just kidding)

Most admired sports person and why?
Mick Ennis (Former Bronco, current Bulldog)
I’ve never come across anyone with a greater drive towards training and commitment to sporting performance.

Advise for anyone thinking of starting training at Fitnance.
Get into it, it seems a bit of a challenge at first, but we are here to get you to your goals.

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