Saturday, January 23, 2010

David Lipman (aka) Deadlift Dave

David Lipman
Dave is currently finishing off his degree in podiatry and human movement studies. He has been involved in strength and conditioning since 2005 with various organisations including Brisbane Boys’ College, Brisbane Capitals basketball association and West Brisbane Bulldogs Rugby Union Club amongst others. In addition to his strength and conditioning work he has also coached a number of sports including strongman, rugby union, athletics, weightlifting and powerlifting. He has competed in most sports imaginable and currently trains regularly for his strength goals. Dave has a passion for teaching and currently lectures for Sports Medicine Australia, teaching their sports trainer and strapping courses as well as tutoring resistance training at QUT. He holds qualifications in weightlifting and sports power coaching, athletics coaching, rugby coaching and a sports trainers level 1. He enjoys heavy backsquats and hates long bike rides

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