Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hi, I'm Nathan. 
I've been a trainee here at Fitnance for roughly seven months now. I am a Year 12 student at John Paul College. My passion is athletics and cross country running, having been a runner now for roughly four years. I love training with a group of dedicated teammates who all work hard toward their own goals, and am constantly motivated by improvement and success. I have really enjoyed my experience at the gym so far, as it has added another dimension to the fitness education process compared to simply doing this in school. The practical aspect of the certificate is very enjoyable, being able to interact and train real clients and watching them develop toward their goals in fitness is awesome. My goal in terms of my future is to become a part time personal trainer throughout university, developing my skills as a trainer and hopefully post-uni I can still be involved with the fitness industry, perhaps in coaching. This opportunity has been made possible by Fitnance and I thank them for it immensely. 


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