Monday, October 10, 2011

Latest Fitnance Rookie

Hi everyone! My name is Jacinta King and I am the latest rookie to start at Fitnance! I am freshly 21 and currently studying Nutrition/Dietetics and Human Movement Studies at QUT. I am here at Fitnance completing some healthy population prac so please don't be shy to introduce yourself and ask me to train you to test out my skills - I definiety need the practice! My first inspiration for health and fitness came from when I started martial arts in early highschool. Martial arts taught me dedication, focus, discipline, and what it really feels like to be pushed to your limits!! These skills and inspiration turned into a passion and has lead me to where I am today. Since starting university my schedule has not allowed me to continue my martial arts, so in the mean time I have become a gym junkie with my latest achievement being able to squat 60kg! My future career goals are to become a senior dietitian specialising in renal or liver disease, as well as running exercise and nutrition lifestyle intervention programs for people living with chronic disease. Can't wait to meet you all out in the training studio!!


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