Thursday, February 25, 2010

Squat Depth? Ass To The Grass?

Ass To The Grass? Squat Depth?

Squats are an awesome exercise. But how deep should you go?

Theories that deep squats heighten injury risk can be traced to studies conducted by Karl Klein at the University of Texas in the olden days. Klein concluded that squatting below parallel had a detrimental effect on the ligamentous stability and therefore should be discouraged.

Research has since shown that Klein’s findings were incorrect and showed there is no link between deep squatting and injury risk. In fact, the opposite was shown : Deep squats increase stability of the knee joint.

The decision as to how low to squat, should therefore be based on an individual’s goals. Those with PLC disorders should refrain from squatting below 50 to 60 degrees until the injury is fully healed. Disorders such as chondromalacia, osteoarthritis, and osteochondritis may also contraindicate the performance of deep squats. To optimize development of the gluteus maximus, squats should be carried out through their full range of motion. (To get a big butt squat deep) To target the quadriceps femoris, a squat depth of 90 degrees appears to be optimal.

Ass to the grass I say!

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