Monday, February 22, 2010

Fitnance Trainee - Emelie Molin

Name: Emelie Molin
Birthday: 26th of July 1993
Age: 16
Education: Year 12, Cannon Hill Anglican College

Background: I was born in Sweden. I moved to Australia in 2007. I’ve been attending Cannon Hill Anglican College since the end of grade 9.

Played sports: I play basketball, volleyball, soccer and netball for school. Outside school I do a lot of boxing and running.

Fitness goals: Become stronger and faster to improve in my current played sports

Favorite foods: Sushi and salad sandwiches

How did u start at fitnance: My friend Jesse recommended it and I have always had a passion for fitness. I did work experience and loved it.

Your all time favorite fitness class: Boxing!

Current training scheduler:
Monday: Fitnance, basketball training, netball game
Tuesday: Boxing class
Wednesday: Basketball training, run
Thursday: Netball training, basketball training, boxing class
Friday: Cardio class
Saturday: Basketball game
Sunday: Run

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