Friday, February 26, 2010

Fitnance Trainee- Matt Paterson

Name: Matt Paterson
DOB: 30 January
Qualifications: Cert III in Fitness
Studying: Year 12 plus Cert IV in Fitness
Favourite Sport: Rugby League
Favourite Food: Spag. Bol.
Goals for the future: Be a personal trainer through Uni and study business and/or law.
Obscure skill: Tetris
Training Goals: To stay lean and become stronger
Favourite quote: “expect nothing and be rewarded with everything”
Current training regime: 2 weight sessions, 2 rugby league training sessions, and touch and rugby league games.
Most hated trainer and why? Hate is such a strong word. Whoever it is who makes up Friday morning weights sessions.
Interests and hobbies: Candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach at dusk.
Advice to anyone considering a traineeship: Go for it and you won’t look back. It will be your job to keep people training hard, you will remain healthy and you get payed to do it.

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