Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rowing Technique

1) The catch. The catch is the front of the stroke where the legs are fully compressed, arms straight and body up tall; slightly bent forward from the hips. This should feel comfortable, without any strain.
2) The drive. Legs start to be straightened out, while keeping your arms straight and body still slightly bent from hips.
3) Once your legs have been completely straightened your body can start to rock over from the hips until your shoulders are sitting just behind your bottom.
4) End of the drive. Straight after you have finished the rock-over the arms can be pulled in towards the body. You should aim to get the handle just below your sternum. This position is called the finish, as it is essentially the end of the stroke.
5) The recovery. The recovery of the stroke is basically the stroke in reverse. Firstly, the arms are straightened, then the rock-over of the body from the hips, and lastly the legs are compressed.
6) The stroke should feel comfortable and as smooth as possible.

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