Monday, March 19, 2012

Easts defeat Jets


Easts have beaten the Ipswich Jets in last weekend’s game, 52-16.
Two tries to Luke Lavelle saw Easts win comfortably. Ipswich Jests play the Redciffe Dolphins in Round 3.

Ipswich Jets
Tries: Jermaine Alberts, Adam Boettcher, Khan AhwangConversions: Eric Alefosio 2
East Tigers
Tries: Luke Lavelle 2, Max Dudley, Maeli Seve, Jono Stewart, Grant Cole, Blair Young, Dywayne Rigby, Jarrad NolanConversions: Liam Tyson 8

InTrust Super Cup
Ipswich Jets have narrowly lost to the Tigers losing by one point. Final score was East Tigers 15 d. Ipswich Jets 14.

Ipswich Jets
Tries: Ramon Filipine 2, Ian LaceyConversions: Brendon Lindsay
East Tigers
Tries: Shane Neumann, Isaac KaufmannConversions: Cody Walker 3Drop Goals: Luke Kelly

FOGS Colts

Ipswich Jets have lost to Easts Tigers, 18 points to 30.

Tries: Ben Apelu 2, Alex MosegiConversions: Chris Ash 3
Tries: Ashley Bull 2, Corbin Kiernan, Jeffrey Nielsen, Titako Sili, Whetu AustinConversions: Ned Mott 6

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