Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Congratulations to those who competed at the Gold Coast

Congratulations for some great times in the 10km to Tiffany Sheerin (48:20 mins), Lou Abram (43:11 mins), Jay Twist (31:13 mins), Sarah Richmond (49:07 mins), Drew Standish (52:20 mins) and Marissa Mahony (42:07 mins).

Congratulations to Tanya Matthews (1:48 hours), Lisa Burgess (1:54 hours), Peter Nowill (1:06 hours), Kathy Turner (2:12 hours), Nick Lorenz (1:22 hours), Mark Bradford (1:37 hours), Katrina Rae (1:53 hours), Katerina Buzinova (1:45 hours), Chris Weier (1:22 hours), Anna Bouth and Russ Beynon (1:48 hours) for some great times in the half marathon.

Congratulations to Matt Sheerin (3:51 hours), Patrick Nispel (2:23 hours), David Cutcheon (4:38 hours), Steve Houghton (4:28 hours), Kristy Harnett (3:29 hours) and J Man for fantastic performances in the marathon.

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