Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Soft drinks - Work of the Devil.

Soft drinks, and cordials are the work of the devil.
They supply your body with empty kilojoules. i.e. They provide your body with lots of energy, but don't give you the important nutrients that your body needs.This extra energy will eventually be stored as fat, if it is not used up in your daily energy requirements. Soft drinks are also high in G.I., meaning your blood sugar levels, and insulin levels are elevated significantly after drinking. Regular consumption of high GI foods can lead to type II diabetes.

Latest research out of Yale University has shown that the consumption of soft drink also results in a reduction in the intake of both dietary fibre, protein, fruit and macronutrients intake. Sugar drinks also stimulate one’s appetite for non-nutritional foods with higher glycaemic indexes eg hamburgers and pizza. Cola drinks contain a caramel colouring that may increase insulin resistance and the inflammation of the capillaries.

Soft drinks are the work of the devil!

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