Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Metre Challenge

Mondays Cardio session was the Metre Challenge. 60 minutes of cardio work split into 12 five (5) minute sessions. Each session was in rotation from ROWER to TREADMILL to GRINDER to BIKE to STEPPER and then back to the rower.

The total meres travelled was recorded after the 5 minutes. All totals were as follows;

Averil 16026m Joe 11810m
Jackie 12520m Rodney 16110m
Deb 12487m Ayesha 11760m
Di 11720m Pete 11035m
Chloe 14120m Browny 11952m
Matty 18653m Paulo 17403m
Train 17960m Rosey 18750m
Andrew 14980m Joe 20140m

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