Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Labour Day Bash

Well done to all of you who managed to turn up on the monday.
Cardio session was based on the multi-sport challenge. Running, Rowing (Kayaking)and Cycling.


Leg 1 Run 0.8k
Leg 2 Bike 2.4k
Leg 3 Run 1.4k
Leg 4 Row 1.2k
Leg 5 Bike 3.0k
Leg 6 Row 0.8k
Leg 7 Run 1.0k

Times were as follows:

Aeysha 48 mins Paul 40 mins
Di 46 mins Leone 46 mins
Bill 46 mins Averil 40 mins
Shannon 43 mins

Also Jo did his 12 days of xmas in 47 mins and Browny put in a great effort on the Calorie Counter burning 503 calories.

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