Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The workout rules you should break

Unlike wine, cheese and Leo DiCaprio, workout strategies don’t improve with age. That’s because each year, hundreds of study results tweak conventional thinking. The latest research results have been found to come up with updates that will land you a scorching body ASAP.

Position hands shoulder-width apart
You’re often told to do this for upper-body moves like press-ups, bench presses and lat pull-downs. Why? It gives you a stable start point. But that doesn’t mean stay there set after set. “Spreading your hands a few centimetres further out stresses more of the inner portion of your biceps; bringing you hands in a few centimetres builds more of the outer part,” says personal trainer Steve Lischin. Switch your position after every set for balanced strength and overall tone.
Source: Womens Health Magazine April 2009

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