Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MASSIVE Weekend of Sport from FIT’s

By Chris
Well done to these FIT’s over the weekend
Coolangatta  GoldShort Course.
  • Paul Olds smoked it with a massive PB.
NewYork Marathon.
  • Elsie Seriat, and Scott Brittain.
Noosa Triathlon
5km Bolt
  • Jackson Elliot 3rd, Danny (Junior) McDonald
Ocean Swim
  • Jason Lucht, Trent Grimsey
  • Ben Cook 8th
  • Sarah Richmond
  • Jemma Purandare
  • Dale  Harris
  • John Redondo
  • Anna Booth
  • Kim Wordsworth
  • Elisha Bellchambers
  • Jess Schaffer
  • Danny Murphy
  • Gen Phillips
  • Chris Barram
  • Steve “Horselegs”  Kanowski
  • Tia “Snapchat” Nation
  • Katy Berezovsky
  • Rhys Sarri
  • Aaron Smith
  • Peter Ffrench
  • Tony Sampson
  • Mel Gillespie
  • Kate Peardon
Spency and Shredem had great games for the Roar on the weekend. 33 shots  v 4 for a draw. #scoreagoal
  • Craig “Fat Spas” O’Connell, Peter “tuckshoparms” Nowill, Peter Garrone 2nd, Dave Kallinowski and Christophe Manchon stomped at the Uni Crit
  • Craig “legsman” Walker  and Steven Leitch rode well at  the Lakeside Crit.
  • Dan Leask  completed 270  chinups  in a session.
  • Chris and Catherine  Turnock had a beautiful wedding in Brisbane.
  • Peter "tuckshoparms" Nowill won everyhting at the Velodrome