Thursday, December 12, 2013

Well Done to these FIT’s

Jarrad Boswell being appointed the  Easts  U/18’s S and C Coach.
Michael Finch and Nicky Crane on completing  IM Bussulton.
See Nicky Crane's race report  here:
"What a day, week and 7 months! Some may know I've had glandular fever for the last 7 months which has kept me out of racing and much training. So on an average of 1 session a week (sorry Chris) my decision last week was to support which turned into a no pressure race at the Busso Ironman. The water yesterday was crystal clear and flat, I felt good so started the bike. 20 km's in I had a crash at 32km/hr, I was in shock, (my bike not so pretty) but I didn't think I was hurting to much other than a graze down an entire leg and spilt elbow. I decided I needed to get back to the start so I rode the rest of the 60km loop. Just before the exit I stopped in the hope to cheer on my SBTC as the whizzed past, but before any of them did I had a number of strangers stop, ask me what happened and encourage me to continue. So off I went to start the next 120km's of the ride. Not too long after my wrist started throbbing, riding with weight on one hand is hard! But I got to the end of the ride, sore and battered. Off I went on the run... Going great till the 18km mark when shooting pain brought me to tears. A stop at the medic on course and I was told I may have broken my arm... Not great news especially after investing so much, so in my typical fashion I powdered on, arm in sling and unable to run because of the pain. It was a long run leg but not without huge support. The finish shoot made me forget all pain and for 200m the atmosphere, energy and relief that it was finally over made the 16:30+ time feel incredible!
Why am I telling you this? I hope that my journey both to the start line and throughout the day inspires someone who thinks they can't do Ironman to have the courage to enter and know that our club mates, strangers, volunteers and our family and friends will back us where it counts and make Anything Possible!
Oh and the dr said my arm is not broken but likely a compressed/stressed tendon which should come good in a week."
Brooke Spence and the Roar Girls on another great win
Damien Jeffery on a good run in the Kurrawa 2 Durranba Relay.