Monday, August 20, 2012

Bec Edwards QUT Prac Student

Hi my name is Bec Edwards,
I am a prac student from QUT, enrolled in the exercise science degree.
When I left school I wasn't completely sure of the career path I was going to take, however was always interested in fitness. Shortly down the track I realised I wanted to persue a career with athletes and helping their injuries through strength and rehabilitation. I would like to continue my studies with physiotherapy in the future. My other qualifications are cert 3 and 4 in fitness (through fitnance) when i was in year 12 via correspondance, cert 4 in massage (current job). I am a middle distant runner who competes up to 5000m in cross country season and 1500m/3000m during track season. It would be great to compete internationally, however have realised its not all about the hard work and training you put in, but been able to stay uninjured. It is through my experience with a major injury that has made me realise how important strength exercises/ conditioning is for a particular sports. Im excited to be doing my prac at Fitnance because it will allow me to gain experience with a wide variety of people, and hopefully gain knowledge on other sports and their conditioning techniques.


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