Monday, April 16, 2012

Well done at the Sydney Triathlon ITU and selection race

Well done to these FIT's at the Sydney triathlon Sunday.
Sarah Richmond 7th S-00:27:57, B-01:12:20, R-00:44:37 OT-02:28:04
Zoe Wilson 8th S-00:28:26, B-01:14:18, R-00:44:18,OT-02:30:35
Melanie Gillespie 19th S-00:23:26, B-01:19:54, R:00:54:41, OT-02:40:54
Kristy Harnett 11th S-00:26:12, B-01:17:13, R-00:43:48, OT-02:29:20
Toby Beard S-00:25:40, B-01:15:08, R-00:43:46, OT-02:27:07
Simon Lyell S-00:32:27, B-01:12:55, R-00:45:41, OT-02:32:48

Felicity Abram- Results not avaliable

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