Monday, July 27, 2009


July has been a very fine month for the Fitnance ‘Top Bloke Top Bird Martial Arts’ Crew. Bob, Keno and Darcy all earned their yellow belts by displaying their practical knowledge of the techniques they have learned to date. All three are beginning to display their own style of movement now: Bob has a natural gift for the grappling side of the system and is exhibiting top class stability in his postures due to his immense core strength. Keno is developing very fast and high snap kicks which combine with his heavy hands to good effect. Darcy (The Mongoose) is developing some very, very fast and heavy hands. Congratulations to all three of them for their very hard work. Let’s hope Darcy recovers from the swine flu some time soon.

The other great news of the month is that Sword Master and Weapons Specialist Mr Nigel Poulton has now joined the crew. Nigel is already a senior in Jiu-Jitsu and Pancrase with a wealth of experience drawn from a life-time studying the martial arts and working in film and theatre as a fight choreographer. As well as bringing his advanced empty hand skills to the table, Nigel will take care of instruction in knife and sword play whenever his schedule allows.

More news is that Monday night training has now been replaced by Saturday Morning training: Big sessions on Saturday with lots of sparring and serious ground work!

Some others of the crew would benefit by making the training more regular. You know who you are and you have the potential. However, it won’t happen if you don’t push hard. Natural skill is nothing without application.

Once more, Congratulations to all. It’s great to see people moving forward.

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