Monday, April 27, 2009

Luke C Gregory

Luke C Gregory

Over 25 Years Martial Arts Experience.

Senior in Ju Jitsu (Japanese Martial Art)

Senior (5th Degree Black Belt) Chen Family Shadow Boxing (Chinese Martial Art).

Qualified in China as Senior Kung Fu instructor.

Qualified in China as Senior Tai Chi instructor

Third brother (Senior Instructor and Disciple), and international representative of Guangzhou XiaoWu Martial Arts and Health Academy, under Senior Master ZhangXiaoWu Who in 2005 was recognised by the State Government as 'Superior Martial Artist' of GuangDong Province, China. Master Zhang is himself a lifelong student of Grand Master Chen ZhengLei.

In 2004 Luke won a Gold Medal at Ma-An Shan International Shadow Boxing Championships: Ma'An Shan, An Hui Province, China

In 2008 Luke won Gold Medal and a Silver Medal at ChenJiaGou International Invitational Shadow Boxing Championship: ChenJiaGou, Henan Province, China

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