Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fitnance News

Well Done to these FIT’s.

Peter Nowill 2nd, Craig O’Connell 1st, Cait Lee, Lee Mathers, Joel Glover, Danny Murphy, Chris Barram, Sarah Richmond 3rd, Zoe  Wilson, Michael Finch, Kirsty Balmer 3rd, Michaela Murray 3rd, Jess Schaffer, Kevin Tanner, Jo Speers, Todd Dawson, Peter French,  Steph Stokes,  Mel Gillespie at the QLD Duathlon Championships at Springfield Lakes on the Weekend (10th/11th)
Craig Walker 1st in the Murrarie Crit C Grade
Team Mowen finished 3rd in their Pool at Jinha Beach Ulsan
Chris Wright at the World Swimming Championships in Barcelona.
Kalani Purcell on being selected in the Tall Blacks Basketball Team.

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