Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Personal Training Job

Extreme Physique Personal Training are currently looking for a motivated personal trainer to join the team at the start of 2011.
Induction and full training will take place mid December ensuring all systems go for 2011.

Are you looking for:

- A facility that has it all - inside & outside
- A workplace that appreciates your skills and efforts
- Client`s that exercise long term and value their health
- A work environment that encourages growth and development of your skills
- A business that knows how to support you and your career goals

Applicants must have:

- A strong desire to be successful within the industry
- Be prepared to help their own client base
- The ability to deliver high standards of exercise programming
- Excellent management and organisational skills as well as good promotional and interpersonal skills.
- A fit and healthy lifestyle
- Insurance, first aid and registration with Fitness Australia

Experience and boxing certification preferred.

Check them out at www.extremephysique.com.au

Rob Norrington
3262 7334

Certificate 4 in Fitness Courses

Certificate IV in Fitness

If you are planning to operate your own fitness business and you want yourself to be the boss then this fitness course is perfect for you. More advanced fitness modules for personal trainers, leadership skills and business administration is included in this fitness course that are necessary in building the business of your own.

With increasing number of unemployment and a bad economy, fitness courses are good choice to support your day to day expenses. Abounding careers are waiting for you with these fitness courses and the decision is up to you.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Personal Trainer Wanted

Bennyfit at Graceville is looking for a trainer to start ASAP. Please see Chris for more information.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Peta Meek

My name is Peta Meek, I go to Whites Hill state college. I’m currently in grade 10 studying enterprise, early childhood, English, maths and biology also I’ve just recently completed a course in coaching (learn to swim), at the moment I’m in training and should become a learn to swim coach towards the end of 2011. What I enjoy is painting, swimming, netball, going to youth on a Friday night, church, socialising with friends and family and working out in the gym. In the future I see myself working in the field of sport as a learn to swim coach and a personal trainer. To help achieve what I would like to do in the future I have come to fitnance.

Fitnance Christmas Party

Friday 17th December @ SPOON DELI. We shall be having a workout from 5.30pm and head to Spoon for a 6.30pm start.

The Dozzi girls will be playing this year to celebrate our break up and the prize giving for the Xmas Team Challenge. Check out the Dozzi at http://www.myspace.com/dozzimusic/photos

Please let Tanya know if you can make it so we can arrange the catering. RSVP by 10/12/10

Robina Triathlon Results

Matt Sheerin 59.39 7.24 34.04 18.09

Luke Stafford 55.36 5.16 34.05 16.34

Drew Standish 1.01.18 7.08 33.02 21.07

Kathy Turner 30.10 3.55 15.44 10.30

Week 7 Results

Team Chris
Sessions: 50/62
Points: +6

Team Tanya
Sessions: 29/40
Points: +1

Team Lace
Sessions: 36/40
Points: +6

Team Lala
Sessions: 11/28
Points: -1

Team Jenna
Points: +2

TEAM TANYA and TEAM CHRIS tied for the LEAD!!!

Fitness Myth: More is better

Many people believe that more exercise performed will always lead to an improvement. However, there is a limit to the amount of exercise that one can perform before experiencing the effects of "overtraining". The human body requires rest between exercise bouts in order to recover from the exertion undertaken in each session, as well as to recharge mentally. The negative effects of overtraining can include sickness, a decrease in performance, injury, depression and a loss in motivation.

In order to prevent overtraining, each exercise program should have adequate rest periods between each session. This is known as periodization. Adequate periodization will prevent overtraining and allow each person to perform to their maximum ability.

Steve Bignall

My name is Steve. I am in grade ten at Whites Hill State College; I am currently studying maths, English, manual arts, community rec and health and physical education. I play football for the carina leagues club and have been since I was eleven. Last year I was selected for the South East Queensland team. I also enjoy boxing and other sports. Favourite thing to do, by far, is motorbike riding. My idol would be Robby Madison because he takes risks and is an all out mad guy. After school I would like to become a fireman, mechanic or personal trainer.

Jamie Daniel Harris

D.O.B: 03/03/94

Education: Whites Hill State College

Grade: Year 11

Currently studying at Whites Hill State College with hopes to become a Personal Trainer. In school I study Art, English, Maths, P.E and BCT. I’m also training to become a Professional Wrestler overseas i train at LCWA right now I’m the youngest wrestler in Australia I’m 173cm and weigh around 75kg not very big but I’m getting there. I am a very athletic person who likes to joke around. But I can also be serious and focused when needed. I’m always looking for a good time meaning I’m very adventurous and willing to do anything for a thrill. I love doing physical activities because it refreshes me I feel happy when I participate in sport because I get so much enjoyment out of it. I have quite a few hobbies these include: Rugby League, Soccer, Professional Wrestling, Music, Cycling, Running, Computer Technologies, Gym, Art and eating.

My goals currently are to get a certificate III in Fitness, get good marks in school and enjoy life.

Week 6 Results

Team Chris
Sessions: 61/62
Points: +10

Team Tanya
Sessions: 34/40
Points: +4

Team Lace
Sessions: 35/40
Points: +8

Team Lala
Sessions: 25/28
Points: +4

Team Jenna
Points: +6


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Corporate Fitness Training

The benefits of implementing a corporate wellness program include:

•improved corporate image
•financial benefits for the company
•health benefits for the staff

The financial benefits for a company are:
improved staff productivity
more alert staff
more alert staff work better together
reduced absenteeism and sick leave
increased motivation
increased energy levels
reduction in smoking

The benefits for the staff are: reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol levels, reduced obesity, better posture, decreased stress levels, reduced coronary problems.

One of the biggest benefits of corporate fitness is reduced staff turn over. Staff turn over is a major cost to a company, and is estimated to cost approximately 40% of the first years salary of the employee.

Most people spend a significant proportion of their time at work so work is an ideal place to promote increased physical fitness.

Personal Trainers and Park Registration

Due to the increasing numbers of Personal Trainers using parks and other outdoor spaces for training some councils are enforcing licensing systems. The Brisbane City Council has no plans to do so, however Cairns and the Sunshine Coast already have systems. The Gold Coast City Council is introducing a system from next year.
Councils say the reasons for the licensing are about public liability issues.
OR is it a money grab?

Monday, November 15, 2010

PT Job

Personal Trainers Job at Jetts Capalaba.
Jetts Capalaba are seeking a fullly qualified personal trainer with a minimum of 12 months experience. The ideal candidate will manage their own business without the hassle of running and managing a studio. At Jetts, all the finer details are taken care of leaving you free to focus on your business and your clients.

We can offer you a fun, friendly environment, the freedom to train your clients at any time of day or night, the flexibility of a generous rent free period, brand new equipment, approximately 10 hours per week on shift and future Management positions for the right candidate.

If you:

· Have a Certificate III & IV in Fitness
· Have Current First Aid Qualifications
· Have an ABN and insurance coverage
· Posses outstanding customer service and people skills
· Know how to attract clients & convert enquiries to sales
· Are self motivated
· Are highly organised & goal orientated
· Are prepared to commit to at least 12 months
. Have a current drivers licence


Justine Feather | Club Manager
Jetts Fitness Capalaba

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

12 Week Teams Challenge

Pictured: Sam, Dan, Jimmy, David, Preet conquered by the Grinder. (Team Lala and Team Jenna)

Week 5 Results

Team Chris
Sessions: 55/59
Points: +7
Team Tanya
Sessions: 39/40
Points: +7
Team Lace
Sessions: 36/40
Points: +9
Team Lala
Sessions: 29/32
Points: +6
Team Jenna
Points: +6


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Southbank to Southport Bike Ride

Well done to all the FIT's who took part in the Southbank to Southport ride.
Martin Corkery
Tom Essebeier
Gary Smith
Andrew Matthews
Tanya Matthews
Vicki Goodall
Steve Lacey

Saturday, November 6, 2010

UQ 1500m Classic

Well done to the FIT's at the 1500m Classic at UQ on Thursday night.

Open Womens Race
4th Marissa Mahony 4.44

School Boys Race
Grant Gwynne

Open Mens Race
Tom Kennedy
Neil Labinsky
Grant Williams
Jonathan Peters
Sam Schofield
Jackson Haigh
Matt Carlson

InTraining “Simon Doyle” 1500m Classic

Matthew Hawke
Glen Yarham
Peter Bock
Jay Twist
Daryl Crook
Peter Nowill

Cool Night Classic Results

Well done to the FIT's at the Cool Night Classic.
Mat Sheerin 23.17
Jimmy Dickson 23.19
Paul Leitch 26.14

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Should healthy people be rewarded?

Should healthy people be rewarded?

If 61 percent of Australia is overweight or obese and increasing each year, shouldn’t the minority (the healthy population) get an added benefit for staying trim. In 2008 the total annual cost of obesity for both children and adults in Australia, including health system costs, productivity and carers costs, was estimated to be around $58 billion of tax payers hard earned money. Why should healthy people be charged for staying healthy and using less government resources? By implementing a reverse health scheme with a focus on health promotion, encouragement and reward rather than just cleaning up the mess once it’s already been made benefits the population doing the right thing.

Ideas anyone?

One proposal could be a healthy population reward scheme to reward good health. An annual health checkup would determine your health status with simple BMI and fitness tests. Once found healthy a decreased tax threshold would be rewarded.

Prue Sinclair: Prac Student

I’m Prue Sinclair and I am a third year Human Movement student from QUT. In two weeks I am finished university and am off overseas for a while to pursue my crazy childhood dreams of dive instructing, teaching English and working in a zoo in Borneo. I enjoy the rehabilitation side of my degree as well as the personal contact with clients. In my future I see the outdoors, the tropics, laughter, and health… Time will no doubt tell.

Well Done to the FIT's competing at the NOOSA Triathlon

Triathlon Results
Name Swim Cycle Run Finish Time Overall Position
Tiffany Sherrin 0:33 1.20.46 55:40 02:48:55 1940
Matt Sherrin 0:34:43 1:21:49 51:20 02:47:53 1887
Josh Santacaterina 0:20:23 1:15:47 DNF DNF DNF
Drew Standish 0:34:17 1:19:20 1:01:00 2:54:39 2225
Brett Robinson 0:31:59 1:29:46 1:18:56 3:20:41 2835
Amanda Lucas 0:33:34 1:29:56 0:52:49 2:56:20 2290
Mark Bradford 0:33:52 1:21:21 0:54:07 2:49:21 1962
Steve Kanowski 0:22:15 1:07:47 0:41:52 2:11:56 174
Chelsie Easton 0:30:29 1:24:51 0:53:27 2:48:48 1935
Kristy Hurret 0:26:14 1:15:52 0:49:23 2:31:30 952
Mel Gillespie 0:23:11 1:14:13 52:56 2:30:21 1234
Steven Anderson 0:35:22 1:14:23 1:08:46 2:58:32 2375
Chris Dale 0:27:21 1:10:38 0:42:36 2:20:37 412
Donal Keenan 0:38:14 1:26:22 0:55:13 2:59:52 2411
Allison Mcdougall 0:38:27 1:36:37 1:11:22 3:26:27 2890

Asics Bolt
Name Finish Time Position
Peter Nowill 0:14:27 5
Tom Kennedy 0:15:54 19
Jackson Elliot 0:14:37 7
Jay Twist 0:15:28 17
Jonny Peters 0:14:32 6
Glen Yarham 0:15:07 13
Mathew Hawke 0:14:50 9

Fitnance Teams

Team Swim Cycle Run Finish Time Overall Position
Corporate 21:33 1:23:10 0:55:02 2:39:46 361
Female 1:04:37 2:53:38 655