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Second-hand bikes wanted!

Second-hand bikes wanted!

Check out Amanda's latest blog. Fusion Re-Cycles! click on the link above.

Fitnance Strongman Training

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

The further you go from your home training environmnet, the more likely you are to run into someone who is faster, stronger, and more powerful than you. Travel, and bring your humility!

Click on the link and check out atlas stone training.

Fitnance Australia. Strongman training. 16 Jan ...

Fitnance Australia. Strongman training. 16 Jan ...
Lift heavy stuff. It's good for you. Fitnance Strongman Training 10am Saturdays.

Training Tip

You need to analyze your training, qualitatively and quantitatively. If you don't know why you're doing what you're doing, stop doing it.

Pictured is Fitnance Trainee Nick Pratt, Australia's strongest teenager. He regularly measures his training.

Fitnance Trainee- Matt Paterson

Name: Matt Paterson
DOB: 30 January
Qualifications: Cert III in Fitness
Studying: Year 12 plus Cert IV in Fitness
Favourite Sport: Rugby League
Favourite Food: Spag. Bol.
Goals for the future: Be a personal trainer through Uni and study business and/or law.
Obscure skill: Tetris
Training Goals: To stay lean and become stronger
Favourite quote: “expect nothing and be rewarded with everything”
Current training regime: 2 weight sessions, 2 rugby league training sessions, and touch and rugby league games.
Most hated trainer and why? Hate is such a strong word. Whoever it is who makes up Friday morning weights sessions.
Interests and hobbies: Candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach at dusk.
Advice to anyone considering a traineeship: Go for it and you won’t look back. It will be your job to keep people training hard, you will remain healthy and you get payed to do it.

Training Tip

It is always possible to work harder. Not necessarily longer or more often, just harder.

Certificate 3 in Fitness Class

Certificate 3 in Fitness Class.
Steve Lacey lecturing.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fitnance Profile: James Woodgate

I am James Woodgate and I am 17 years old and in year 12 at Iona College, I am currently studying for my cert 4 at FITNANCE after doing my cert 3 last year, I enjoy exercise especially running, I am a sprinter and a hurdler and take my sport very seriously, one day I want to participate at world championships for my hurdles.

Squat Depth? Ass To The Grass?

Ass To The Grass? Squat Depth?

Squats are an awesome exercise. But how deep should you go?

Theories that deep squats heighten injury risk can be traced to studies conducted by Karl Klein at the University of Texas in the olden days. Klein concluded that squatting below parallel had a detrimental effect on the ligamentous stability and therefore should be discouraged.

Research has since shown that Klein’s findings were incorrect and showed there is no link between deep squatting and injury risk. In fact, the opposite was shown : Deep squats increase stability of the knee joint.

The decision as to how low to squat, should therefore be based on an individual’s goals. Those with PLC disorders should refrain from squatting below 50 to 60 degrees until the injury is fully healed. Disorders such as chondromalacia, osteoarthritis, and osteochondritis may also contraindicate the performance of deep squats. To optimize development of the gluteus maximus, squats should be carried out through their full range of motion. (To get a big butt squat deep) To target the quadriceps femoris, a squat depth of 90 degrees appears to be optimal.

Ass to the grass I say!

Training Tip

You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most! Who do you spend the most time with?

Fitnance Trainee – Joel Delaney

Fitnance Trainee – Joel Delaney

I am 16yrs old and attend Wynnum State High. I enjoy playing sports especially rugby league and spending time with family and friends. The current club I am playing for is Wynnum Manly. I am dong this traineeship because I want to learn and have fun while getting fit and to also getting my cert 111 and 1V in Fitness.

Gerschler Fartek

Gerschler Fartlek

Fitnance trainee, Chloe Parker pictured

Woldemar Gerschler of Germany was a pioneer of interval training in the 1930’s. His methods were based on heart rate recovery.

Gerschler Fartlek involves hard running for 30 seconds, followed by a 90 second recovery. A full set repeats this cycle five times, but each interval’s recovery period is reduced by 15 seconds, i.e. 30/90, 30/75, 30/60, 30/45, 30/30. Depending on fitness levels, these sets can be repeated 2 – 5 times, with 2 – 3 minutes active recovery between sets.

Run the 30 seconds efforts at your 3000m race pace, with an active jog or “float” in the recovery periods. Pace should remain the same throughout the set, while the intensity should increase thanks to the shortening recoveries.

Minimum, 10 minute warm-up and warm-down jog

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Training Tip

You must surround yourself with those who share and support your goals. If your friends laugh when you leave for the gym at 5 a.m., or when you lift really heavy stones with no shoes on, get new friends!


Patrick Nispel: 2XU Fitnance Run Group Leader

Patrick Nispel: 2XU Fitnance Run Group Leader.

Personal Best Times:
- 1500m 3.51
- 3000m 8.34
- 5000m 14.37
- 10km Road 31.50
- 3000m Steeplechase 8.59

- Queensland Champion 5000m and Mountain Running
- 5th Australian Championships 3000m Steeplechase
- 4th International Sydney Track Classic 3000m Steeplechase
- 12th Briggs Classic Hobart 5000m
- 4th Bridge to Brisbane 10km

- Winner of 3000m Steeplechase at Zatopek Meeting in Melbourne in personal best of 8.59
- Queensland Team Representative at Australian Cross Country Championships in Geelong
- 13th Australian Championships 3000m Steeplechase
- 3rd Bridge to Brisbane 5km

- 12th Bridge to Brisbane 12km

- 2x University Cross Country World Championships Representative: 2004 Turin (ITA), 2006 Algier (ALG)
- 2x European Cross Country Championship Representative: 1998 Ferrara (ITA), 1999 Velenje (SLO)
- 2x qualified for World Military Cross Country Championships
- 5x Representative Swiss Team at international matches in Athletics (3000m, 5000m, Steeplechase)
- 1997 Junior Swiss Champion Cross Country
- 15 medals at Swiss Championships
- Gymnastic for 5 years

2XU Group Runs leave the 2XU Shop, Grey St, Southbank at 5.45am every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Everyone is welcome!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Training Tip

It is human nature to get where you want to be and immediately stop doing the things that got you there. This is a fantastic way to stay right where you are!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Consistency: Peter Nowill didn't miss a training session in 7 years.

Working out three days a week is a poor path to fitness. A tri-weekly program will sustain weight loss, muscle size, and (perhaps) strength, but will not enhance recovery ability, metabolic capacity, and power output beyond set levels.

The name of the game, is to train as hard as possible as often as possible. This places ever-increasing stressors on the body and mind, forcing adaptation.

It’s also called “BHW”. Bloody Hard Work. The effects of consistency are absolutely astounding. You’ll make progress, even if you neglect just about everything else. I’ve seen this first-hand. They may drink their weekends away, eat a load of crap, and sleep six hours a night, but in the end, they’re training. They have great exercise days and bad exercise days, but most importantly, they have exercise days.

Peter Nowill the athlete pictured above got to the Olympics. To do this he didn't miss a days training in 7 years! Consistency!

Fitnance Trainee - Emelie Molin

Name: Emelie Molin
Birthday: 26th of July 1993
Age: 16
Education: Year 12, Cannon Hill Anglican College

Background: I was born in Sweden. I moved to Australia in 2007. I’ve been attending Cannon Hill Anglican College since the end of grade 9.

Played sports: I play basketball, volleyball, soccer and netball for school. Outside school I do a lot of boxing and running.

Fitness goals: Become stronger and faster to improve in my current played sports

Favorite foods: Sushi and salad sandwiches

How did u start at fitnance: My friend Jesse recommended it and I have always had a passion for fitness. I did work experience and loved it.

Your all time favorite fitness class: Boxing!

Current training scheduler:
Monday: Fitnance, basketball training, netball game
Tuesday: Boxing class
Wednesday: Basketball training, run
Thursday: Netball training, basketball training, boxing class
Friday: Cardio class
Saturday: Basketball game
Sunday: Run

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fitnance Running Group

Mona Fartlek
2x90sec hard/easy
4x60sec hard/easy
4x30sec hard/easy
4x15sec hard/easy

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fitnance Trainee - Ivan Soloa

I’m currently 16yrs and attend Forest Lake High. The things I love to do are, spend time with my family & friends and play rugby league. The club I play for is South’s Acacia Ridge. The reason I want to do this traineeship is to get a Cert.III and Cert.IV so that I can become a fitness instructor and also have a career in sport.

One inch punch

Luke C Gregory and Keno. One Inch Punch Demonstration.
Try Fitnance's Boxing Courses and Kick Boxing Courses to learn how to do the one inch punch. for more information.

Deadlift 456kg.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sports Science v Hard Work

Is Sports Science making us Soft?
I was discussing this with my running coach the other day. His response: "The Kenyans didn't have any sports science. The Ethiopians didn't need any sports science."
And he was corrrect. The Kenyan and Ethiopian distance runners are the best in the world, in the tough discipline of distance running. How dd they get there. Consistent hard work.

Fitnance Trainee - Steven Broodbank

Steven Broodbank

Born in Townsville, North Queensland Steven started sport at a young age playing junior hockey and junior Rugby for local teams. After moving to Brisbane Steven started his schooling at John Paul College and began playing soccer and riding enduro motorbikes. In 2007 he joined Futsal (indoor soccer) and went on to be selected in the 2007 North Queensland Futsal side to play at the regional district carnival held at the Gold Coast while also playing for Loganholme Lighting in their division 2 side, taking out 2nd place for the year. In game 2 of the 2008 season at JPC, Steven broke his foot, leaving him out for most of the season. In year 11 he captained his schools under 17’s squad and also played 2nd’s for the JPC side in the TAS carnival.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

5 tips for improving your run

5 tips for improving your run

• - include speed work in your weekly running program
• - include at least one long run once a week, and other moderately long recovery runs
• - work on core stability and strengthening your hips
• - include plenty of stretching every day
• - focus on running with good form.

The 2XU Fitnance Run Group leaves the Brisbane 2XU shop every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6am.

Check out the Fitnance Website for other running related articles.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Combat Tai Chi

Combat Tai Chi
The essence of Xiao Wu Tai-Ji Quan.

Many martial artists may not see tai chi – or tai-ji, as it’s called in China’s Mandarin tongue – as a true martial art, yet when practiced as originally intended, it becomes a powerful combat method. Tai-ji exponent Luke Gregory reports on the revival of combative tai-ji through the Xiao Wu system currently building momentum in China, and what it’s got that many others lack.
Check out the full article at:
Or byy clicking on this blog title.

Fitnance DVD's

Check out the Fitnance DVD Series.
DVD 1. Health Evaluation and Fitness Appraisal
DVD 2. Introduction to Preparing a Resistance Training Program and Program Prescription
DVD 3. Exercise Physiology.
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