Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Here is a chance to make 2012 your most successful / profitable year yet!

Fitnance Students,

We have been approached by 2 very successful Personal Trainers with years of experience in running profitable PT businesses. They are about to launch ‘The Complete PT Business Package’ to help trainers just like you develop and run a long lasting successful business.

They are running a 1 off course for 12 trainers on Saturday 3rd December at a heavily discounted rate before their course gets CEC registered.

It’s 1 day of “no-nonsense” planning and implementing business skills and templates for you to make 2012 your most profitable / successful year yet.

Here’s what YOU get:
  • 1 Day of action packed learning from 2 successful trainers
  • Long term business structure to ensure longevity in the industry
  • Your very own individualised Business plans
    • Goal setting templates
    • Profit and Loss template
    • Training Agreement
    • Pricing packages and payment systems
    • Database set up so you can send info in 1 hit
    • Referral competition set up to ensure you have a constant flow of new clients
    • Email + phone templates
  • Break down the sales process so you can:
    • Generate Leads
    • Convert these leads to paying clients
    • Create an epic client experience so that have long term clients
  • Learn how to have clients search for you rather than you search for them
  • Learn how to have long term clients that want to give you referrals
  • Save you time and money on admin
This will then be followed up with 2 x 30 min 1:1 coaching sessions (after Christmas) to ensure that you are effectively using all of this greatinformation.
Course Fees: As a past /present Fitnance student the course will be offered at $200.00 pp or $150.00 pp if you register with a friend
(This course will be in excess of $400 once CEC Registration is obtained )
Where: Goodlife Health Clubs – Fortitude Valley
When: Saturday 3rd December 2012
Time: 8:30am – 5:00pm
To make 2012 your most profitable yet, text 'business package' & your name to 0401 449 716
p.s. Remember there are only 12 places available

Fitnance Christmas Party!

Come and join us for some great times at the annual Fitnance Christmas Party!

Where: Meet at the Gym for a workout then head to Spoon for drinks, canapes and fun
When: Friday 16th December
Time: 5.30pm at Gym, 6.30pm at Spoon
Dress: Christmas Smiles

Please RSVP to Tanya by 9th December

Congratulations and Good Luck to our Fitnance Athletes

The Fitnance team would like to offer our congratulations to the following athletes for their achievements:

Joey Lala for being selected in the Australian Men's Rugby Sevens team who recently qualified for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Martin Corkery and Sarah Richmond for successfully completing the Lake Taupo Challenge Ride and the X Terra Adventure Race respectively.

Peter Nowill who placed first in the 5km event in Launceston clocking a fantastic time of 14:13.

Well done guys, your hard work is inspirational to us all!

We'd also like to wish the best of luck to the FIT's competing at the Toorbul Triathlon this weekend, not that you'll need it!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Exercise as medicine

Vast amounts of evidence continues to emerge regarding the role physical activity and exercise play in the management of chronic disease, and you only have to look as far as an exercise physiologist and their clients to appreciate the magnitude of this effect. From this research, an idea has been brought forward to consider exercise as a form of medical prescription or also known as the 'green prescription.' This prescription turns the focus to change health behaviours associated with chronic disease. There are however arguments both for and against the concept of a green prescription.

Firstly the arguments for. Evidence is continually being presented regarding the positive role exercise plays in decreasing all cause mortality especially in patients with chronic disease. For example, patients with diabetes experience improved glycaemic control when dietary modification and an increase in physical activity are observed. Not only does physical activity help improve one's condition, but other health benefits such as improved functional capacity and ease of activities of daily living are benefits of the green prescription. From these adaptations, independance is enhanced with an added psychological benefit as patients may not have to heavily rely upon traditional medical prescription as they did previously.

However, considering physical activity and exercise as medicine could be problematic. For we must ask ourselves: "When do we take medicine?" The answer is when we are sick. This could present a problem as the preception could arise in some populations that exercise is only of use when we are already presented with a medical condition which can be managed through exercise. Therefore, even though the idea of a 'green prescription' is becoming increasingly valid, one must not forget the role exercise plays in not only management but prevention of such conditions. The bottom line here is, no matter what state of health one is currently in, physical activity and exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet can lead to improved health outcomes. Thus, one's state of health should not influence participation and we should be active all the time!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cairns Gymnastics Coaching Director position

''South Cairns Gymnastics is looking for an energetic, passionate and committed person to lead our Gymnastics Programs through 2012 and beyond.''

Programs include Kinder Gym, Gymnastics for All, WAG Level 1- 7, MAG Level 1-7.

Salary is in the range of $45,000 to $55,000 pa, dependant upon experience and qualifications.

Applications close 18th December.

New Gladstone Gym / Kindergym Gymnastics Head Coach position

Gladstone Gymnastics is offering a Head Coach position with applications closing December 14th.

The job will lead and grow the discipline in Gladstone which includes the Kindergym, General Gym, Teen classes and Schools programs.

'The successful applicant will have the opportunity to develop the program with support from the committee. Part-time or Full-time options are available for the right applicant. Accommodation assistance where possible may be provided during the settling in period. '

More details at

Fenix Fitness Membership Consultant

Fenix Fitness at Robina has available a Membership Consultation position, closing on the 17th of December.

'To meet this challenge you MUST have a passion for people and for fitness. Our sales stars are self starters with a winning attitude, and are prepared to push the boundaries outside their comfort zone.'

Remuneration starts at $30,000 up to $40,000 p.a + super + commission.

Head Swimming Coach position available at Somerset Hills

There is a Head Swimming Coach position available at Somerset Hills Swimming Club for term one of the 2012 season.

Coaching is in a school club environment (approx 20 hrs per week) teaching ages 4+. Additional hours may be available for holiday clinics and attendances at carnivals/BSA meets. The head coach will also oversee an experienced assistant coach.

Salary is from $35/hour dependant on experience and qualifications.

Sport & Club Development Officer position available in Brisbane

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport is offering a Sport & Club Development Officer position in Brisbane.

Based in the CAMS State Office in Milton, the position involves using sports administration and club development skills to proactively engage members, communities and clubs to implement development programs to increase participation in the sport.

New Prac Student

Hi my name is Mitchell Birch and I'm a 4th (and final!) year Human Movement Studies student at QUT. I love being active, with touch, soccer and lifting weights my current sports of choice. I have been at Fitnance for a few weeks now and will be around until just before Christmas. While here I'm looking to complete hours of exercise prescription with people with cardiac, respiratory and metabolic diseases to complete my Accredited Exercise Physiologist requirements. If this is you, feel free to have a chat and we might be able to organize some training sessions to help improve your health and function in everyday life.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Queensland Rugby position in Cairns

Queensland Rugby is offering a Rugby Development Officer position in Cairns.

The QRU Development Officer is employed to work closely with relevant stakeholders, particularly providers of participation opportunities in Carins and surrounding areas to grow the number of participants playing rugby union.

Salary starts at 40,000 pa, dependant on experience and qualifications.

Applications close on the 25th of this month.

Bond University Sport Officer position

Bond University on the Gold Coast has advertised a Sport Officer position, with applications closing on the 25th of November.

The role entails support, planning and co-ordianation of all sports activties on campus.

Salary includes 45,745 pa + super + other benefits.

Fitnance Christmas Party!

Fitnance will be hosting a Christmas party on Friday the 16th of December.

There will be a workout at 5pm at the gym with the party to follow at Spoon at 6pm.

All are welcome!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Exercise in Summer

With the temperatures and humidity rising, we know that summer is on its way; and while it makes excellent weather for trips to the beach, it makes it harder for us to exercise safely. However, there are a few things you can do to avoid injuring yourself. Firstly, it is important that you do not jump right in and exercise during the hottest part of the day. Acclimatising is easy and only takes approximately 2 weeks to accomplish. Your body is built to survive and adapt, so exercising for 20-30 minutes a day at a moderate intensity in the shade outside, keeping 2-3 rest days between workouts will be an adequate catalyst for your body to begin adapting to the summer temperatures. After about 2 weeks, you will be able to increase the duration, intensity and frequency of your sessions.
If, at any time, you begin to feel ill, dizzy or not quite right, have a rest and some fluids. Remember to keep your exercise sessions to slightly cooler times of the day and to drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise. During your session, resist gulping your fluids, and instead sip. If you are participating in a prolonged workout (60 or more minutes), it is probably a better idea to have a sports drink to keep you hydrated. This is because your sweat is made up of electrolytes and water. In order to be able to perform well you need to replenish your electrolytes (found in sports drinks) which are depleted when you sweat excessively.
Lastly, as the weather does begin to heat up, remember to be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. While heat exhaustion is rarely life-threatening, it can lead to serious illness if left untreated. Symptoms can include headaches, nausea, muscle cramps, dizziness, light-headedness and a rapid pulse. Be aware of your body and stop activity if you experience any of these symptoms. Find somewhere cool and shady to sit or lie down. If possible, sip cool fluids.
Heat stroke is a serious condition that occurs if heat exhaustion is ignored. Symptoms can include disorientation, throbbing headache, unconsciousness, elevated body temperature, nausea, vomiting, strong, rapid pulse and red, hot, dry skin; however, there may be other manifestations depending on the individual. You should seek medical assistance and get the victim to a cool, shady area. You should begin to cool them by any means available (e.g. hose, shower, wet towels, fanning) and monitor their body temperature, if possible. If the victim is unconscious, ensure their airway is clear; and if they are vomiting or nauseous, do not give them fluids.

Weight Training and Muscle Damage

If you are unaccustomed to exercise, or you increase the intensity you are training at, and you participate in a weights workout, the next few days will be marked by pain, stiffness and weakness in the muscle groups you have exercised. After a few days rest, the pain and tenderness will disappear. The next week, when you undertake another weights session at the same intensity, you will not feel as sore as you did the previous week. Why does this happen?
While it won’t make it easier to get out of bed the next morning, understanding why this is happening will help you to continue with your fitness goals. After a high-intensity workout that you are unaccustomed to, you will feel pain and tenderness in your muscles before of the damage you have done to them; however, there is no cause for alarm. In fact, you may have heard it explained as delayed-onset muscle soreness or DOMS. You have stimulated your muscles to grow bigger and stronger by producing micro-damage (micro-tears) in them.
The micro-tears in your muscle attract fluid which creates the swelling you may experience, and also the tenderness. Biochemical changes are also thought to contribute to the pain you feel by increasing neural sensitivity. The reason the pain is felt in the days following the workout is due to the inflammation and swelling causing continued damage to the muscle. This altered state of function lasts 2-5 days, with an increased resistance to damage protecting you from reoccurrences. So, this pain you feel will not occur the next time you participate in a training session, provided you do not let months pass between sessions.
An easy way to avoid the pain associated with muscle damage is to gradually increase your workload and ensure adequate rest periods between exercise sessions. While you may not be able to avoid the pain after your first session, the ones that follow will not be as bad.
As for some advice to help relieve the pain? Ensure you are able to rest for the few days after the workout and not be discouraged. The pain you feel is transient and will be as bad the next time round. Unfortunately, massage does not appear to impact on the speed of recovery, but it can decrease pain sensation. This is the same with light stretching or exercise – it can reduce the sensation of pain, but it only lasts for a little while. Cold water immersion has been said to aid in recovery, but not studies have produced substantial results. Vitamin supplementation has not produced any conclusive results either.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Robina Triathlon Results

The Gatorade Queensland Triathlon Series continued on the weekend with the second race of the series taking place at Robina. The race featured a 400m swim, 15km cycle and 4km run with participants ranging from 13 to 70 years old.

Well done to our FITS team with some great results listed below.

Kaili Roach - 1:01:35 (16th)

Brenda Cronin - 1:05:18 (24th)

Simon Lyell - 56:12 (18th)

Jason Nooning - 59:16 (38th)

Matt Sheerin - 56:30 (28th)

Congratulations to Kaili, Brenda, Simon, Jason and Matt for completing the tough super sprint format and good luck in the next race at Raby Bay on the December 10th.

New York Marathon Results

The annual New York marathon was held on November 6. This years edition featured over 47,000 runners including Chilean mining disaster survivor Edison Peña and the Mutai brothers of Kenya.

Matt Sheerin completed the 42km course in 3:42:24 with an average of 8:30 per mile, finishing in the top 30% of the men competing.

Jarrod Moncur competed in the handcycle division and completed the course in 1:27:43, finishing in the top 5!

Congratulations to both Matt and Jarrod on their great results in the New York 42km and keep up the great work.

Well Done

Well done Martin Corkery and Greg Nichols for participating in the BMW ride on Sunday the 6th of November.

1500m Classic results

Congratulations to Jay Twist, Peter Bock, Grant Williams & Brittany McGowan on their results in the 1500m Classic at the Univeristy of Queensland. The newly laid Rekotan track hosted the event on November 3 and saw over 200 participants compete.

In Training “Simon Doyle” 1500m Classic

Jay Twist 3.58.99

Peter Bock 4.00.62

Grant Williams 4.03.57

In Training Womens 1500m Classic

Brittany McGowan 4.41.04

Great effort by everyone involved. Keep up the great work!

Fitnance Is Getting More Flexible

Yoga Classes Every Wed 530pm and Fri 930am with Marine Labbe.

Congratulations Kurrawa Surf Boat Crew

Well done to the Kurrawa Surf Boat Crew 2nd who came second at the Surfers Paradise Surf Carnival on the weekend.

Congratulations Alan Strang

Personal Training job on a cruise boat

Do a job you love whilst being paid to travel the world!!
Steiner is the largest 6 star spa/health centre provider in the world and now has openings for fully qualified personal trainers to join their team onboard luxury cruise ships sailing the 7 seas!!
Applicants must:
  • Hold a Personal Training Qualification
  • Industry experience highly desirable but not essential
  • Be willing to be away from home for at least 9 months
  • Possess a strong will to succeed and highly self motivated
Pre ship BOOT CAMP training provided by the company in London
Meals and accommodation covered by company onboard
Excellent saving/earning potential.
Excellent travel opportunity
Apply today!

Australasian Recruitment Manager for


3 Full Time PT positions

Personal Trainers Brisbane South - 3 Opportunities!

  • 3 Fantastic Personal Training Opportunities!
  • World Class 24/7 Health Clubs!
  • Start ASAP!


Fit PROFESSIONALS are the leading Health & Fitness Recruitment Team - and we are recruiting outstanding Personal Trainers on the Southside of Brisbane for THREE awesome opportunities!


You live & breathe Health & Fitness, and your passion for Personal Training drives to you achieve results! You challenge, motivate, and support your clients to reach their goals, while working as a strong team player to drive your Club forward!

You have a Certificate III & IV in Fitness, ABN, Insurance & are a Registered Fitness Professional.


Our clients offers the best 24/7 facility, providing their members with 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions, Small Group Classes, Boxing, Bootcamps, & everything in between!


Personal Trainer - South City Fringe: Busy 24/7 Health Club, supportive Manager, marketing & sales support provided, Reception hours available!

Personal Trainer - South West: Fresh, new & vibrant 24/7 Health Club brand who have recently opened their second club! Excellent opportunity for an experienced & vibrant Personal Trainer to get in & build a strong client base quickly!

Personal Trainer - South Brisbane: Ideal opportunity for a Graduate entering the Industry or a PT with less than a years experience! Strong support and guidance in Sales & lead generation. Possibility to introduce small Group Fitness & Circuit programs!


Hit the APPLY NOW button & follow the prompts! For more information call Flick on 1300 736 112.

Part Time PT position

Personal Trainers
Are You Passionate about Personal Training?

• No rent to pay, long term security
• Experienced, dynamic leadership team

Personal Best is currently seeking personal trainers for its studios in Brisbane City, Sherwood and Kenmore.

Having over 13 years of history in the fitness sector, Personal Best is recognised as a growing leader in providing weight loss and fitness solutions for their clients! With studios strategically placed in both Brisbane and Sydney and a leadership team that are experts in their field, Personal Best has created a culture that is supportive, team orientated and relaxed. We have a unique approach to providing cutting edge fitness solutions and our clients and employees benefit from our Personal Best Adventures such Ski Trips to NZ, Muay Thai camps in Thailand, Bike Trips to Tasmania and Adventure Racing. At Personal Best we encourage you to show your individuality through your own set of skills, exercise prescription and personality.

All Personal Best trainers are employees so not only will you benefit from on going training and development, but there is no rent to pay and no clients to source. In addition to long term job security and consistent clientele, you will receive a thorough induction which includes areas such as: Sensational Service; Olympic Lifting; Fitness Assessments; and Periodisation

As a part of the Personal Best team, you will have the opportunity to provide:
• 1 on 1 fitness training
• Group fitness training
• Outdoor training including Boot Camp and Running Club
• Goal setting, fitness assessments, periodisation plans, exercise prescription and nutritional guidance for your clients

To become a personal trainer with Personal Best, it is necessary that you have:
• An exceptional service mindset
• A drive to be successful in the fitness industry
• A genuine love of helping people and a desire to help them become their personal best
• A willingness to go ‘Above and Beyond’ in your duty and care for your clients
• Great communication skills and can interact with different personality styles
• A minimum of a Certificate 4 in Fitness
• Registration with Fitness Australia
• Up to date CPR and First aid qualifications

If you want a fantastic opportunity to be a part of an organisation who is a progressive leader within the fitness industry, provides opportunities for advancement into leadership roles, allows increased responsibilities as you develop, provides ongoing trainer development and transforms lives, please email or phone Shane on 0417 776 289 for details of the application process.

Shane 0417 776 289

Media Manager Position

Position Information
Position Title Media Manager Short Description The Sunshine Coast Sea Eagles are a Rugby League Club based at Stockland Park, Kawana Waters, on the Sunshine Coast. The Club plays in three tiers of senior competition: South East Queensland’s FOGS Competitions, the FOGS Colts (under 20s) and FOGS A Grade; and Queensland’s State Rugby League Competition, the Queensland Cup. Employer Sunshine Coast Sea Eagles
Sea Eagles
Work Type Volunteer Position Salary Voluntary Location Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia Detailed Description

We are currently seeking an energetic lover of sport to help us to promote our young team.

With two local TV news services, a daily newspaper and four commercial radio stations the role of Sea Eagles Media Manager will give you a tremendous grounding for a long future in the business.

The role will include but not be limited to, developing interesting stories to gain additional media coverage, utilise our growing social media network, looking for and developing PR opportunities that will keep the Sea Eagles at the forefront of sporting organisations on the Sunshine Coast.

You'll be able to write a great story, make good solid contacts and manage any sort of situation that may come up during the course of a season.

You should come with a major league attitude and apply that to our semi professional organisation.

Desirable Closing Date 3 Dec 2011 This role is designated Elite Athlete Friendly meaning the employer is open to accepting expressions of interest from elite athletes who require flexible work arrangements for training and competition. Apply to Name Justin Veivers Phone (work) (07) 5493 2902 Phone (mobile) 0411 701 199 Email
Click here to apply for position How To Apply

Please email the CEO, you should include a resume, examples of your work and a covering letter.

Applicants must be legally entitled to work in Australia