Monday, February 28, 2011

Easts Tigers Weekend Results

QLD Cup: Easts Tigers 24 def Mackay Cutters 22
Colts: Easts Tigers 34 def Wests Panthers 12
FOGS Cup: Easts Tigers 26 def Wests Panthers 12

A good game was played by Pauea and Junior. Well done boys!!

Ipswich Jets Results

QLD Cup: Souths Logan 22 def Ipswich Jets 16
Colts: Ipswich Jets 20 drew Souths Logan 20
FOGS Cup: Souths Logan 28 def Ipswich Jets 10

Fitness Franchises

Franchise opportunity with "Step into Life Outdoor Group Personal Training".

On the home page pick "JOBS"

Use the drop down boxes;
Lasted updated - pick "month"
Location - pick australia
Specific location - queensland
Classification - fitness

click on search jobs

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Personal Training Position Available

Step It Up Personal Training Daisy Hill is looking to fill the following positions as we have CLIENTS WAITING;
· 3 x studio trainers (immediate start)
· 1 x Redland bay mobile trainer (commence march 14th)
· 1 x Gold Coast (south) mobile trainer (commence march 14th)
· 1 x Brisbane trainer (commence march 21st)
· 1 x Morton Bay trainer (commence march 21st)

Minimum Requirements;
· Live within 30 minutes of the studio (4 Allamanda Drive Daisy Hill 4127, check whereis/googlemaps) – Studio trainers ONLY
· Have a certificate 3 and 4 in fitness or higher
· Have public liability and professional indemnity insurance (or in the process of getting it)
· Are allowed to work in Australia
· Have good reading and writing skills
· Are a competent trainer
· Has a positive attitude
· Have your own transport

If you fit the profile and want to get started FAST, please email to arrange an interview.

Sam Schneider

My name is Sam Schneider and I am 17 years old. I was born in Germany, and can speak the language fluently, but have lived in Australia from the age of 6. I have attended Brisbane State High School since 2007 (grade 8) and am currently in my final year. At school I study Maths B, English, Technology Studies, Health and Physical Education and German. I am in the First XI for cricket and also play rugby, AFL and do swimming. I am pleased to be a trainee at Fitnance doing my Cert III in fitness and hope to complete this as well as a Cert IV as soon as I can.

Brandon Khuu

My name is Brandon Khuu. I was born and raised in Australia but I’m of Chinese, Vietnamese heritage. I am currently attending Brisbane State High School and have been doing so since grade eight in 2007. This year I am currently finishing off my final year of senior studies. I study Biology, English, Maths A, Hpe and Health. I am privileged to have the opportunity to pursue a possible pathway into my future through the completion of Cert III and hopefully Cert IV through Fitnance’s services. I love enduring myself in physical activities such as Rugby, touch and volleyball to name a few. I hope to be able to make a career through fitness.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend's Football Results

QLD Cup: Tweed Heads Seagulls 36 def Ipswich Jets 10
FOGS Colts: Tweed Seagulls 26 def Ipswich Jets 6
FOGS Cup: Tweed Seagulls 24 def Ipswich Jets 6
Under 19s: Ipswich Jets 22 drew Tweed Seagulls 22

Geelong Triathlon

Our very own Matthew & Tiffany Sheerin and Melanie Gillespie all participated in the Geelong Triathlon that was held between the 18 – 20 of February. The Geelong Triathlon is a combination of cardio and muscular endurance which tests the mental and physical capabilities of our bodies. Melanie finished the triathlon in a good time of 2:27:17; while Matthew finished it in 2:43:06. Tiffany only completed the swim in a fast time of 31:08. Congratulations to Emma Moffatt & Brad Kahlefeldt who won the triathlon

Brisbane Personal Trainer Position Available

RARE OPPORTUNITY: PT Required for outdoor Brisbane fitness boot camps

- No locked in contracts
- No rent
- $30 - $70 / hr

Our established Boot Camp business is expanding around the Brisbane suburbs and an opportunity has arisen for a bright, enthusiastic Personal Trainer to join our fantastic team.

- Paid training and equipment provided
- Bonus incentives and social days
- No sales or marketing required so you can do what you do best: train clients!

Must have:
- Certificate IV (preferably from Fitnance)
- Own insurance
- Reliable car
- Be available weekday mornings

Please send your CV, photo and a brief cover letter to

Exercise as a part of rehabilitation of ankle sprains

For many years the medical world has worked on the principle that “Rest is Best” when it comes to injuries. This philosophy does hold merit for some conditions (e.g. broken bones); however there is a new way of thinking when it comes to rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries.

The idea of exercising to get over an injury may be foreign to many people but it is gaining more credit as studies have shown it to be the most effective method in returning an athlete to training. The term exercise when linked with rehabilitation includes strength training, stretching, proprioceptive and balance training, power training and sport specific exercises.

Ankle sprains are among the most common sporting injuries estimated as accounting for up to 30% of all sporting injuries. They also have an extremely high occurrence rate with some experts estimating around 70%. Historically, the treatment for ankle sprains has been to rest, ice, compress and elevate (RICE) with no weight being taken through the foot for days if not weeks, until the ankle has become relatively pain free. The RICE principle is still extremely important, especially during the initial stages post-injury. The immediate aim must be to minimise swelling. Several recent articles have suggested however that physical therapy applied during the first few days post-injury improves return-to-sport time in athletes significantly. Physical therapy involves putting the ankle through its range of motion under the guidance of a health professional. Not only did the athletes who received physical therapy return to sport quicker, they also reported decreased levels of pain at set intervals post-injury when compared with those athletes who simply rested.

So what forms of exercise should be taken into consideration when rehabilitating a sprained ankle? Firstly, the ankles natural range of motion (ROM) must be restored. This is done by either actively (the patient does it themselves) or passively (someone does it for them) putting the injured ankle through that ROM. This is what physiotherapists are for. Once ROM has begun to be restored, the ankle must redevelop strength and proprioception (awareness of where the body is in space). Ligaments in the ankle are used as sensors to tell the body about its position in relation to the ground surface. When the ligaments are stretched or injured this is often lost or becomes incorrect. Therefore exercises like wobble-boards and even simply single leg balance become crucial in the rehabilitation process. Before the athlete returns to sport it is essential that sport specific exercises have been performed to ensure the athlete is fit and able to compete/train at their full potential. Sport specific activities include agility sessions where the athlete must shift their weight from side to side at pace.

So next time you sprain you ankle follow the RICE principle initially to try and minimise the inflammation however as soon as possible try and start moving your ankle to maintain its range of motion. Even something as simple as writing the alphabet in the air with your foot will go a long way to minimising your rehabilitation time.

Eiff MP, Smith AT, Smith GE. Early mobilization versus immobilization in the treatment of lateral ankle sprains. Am J Sports Med. 1994;22;83-88

The Effects of Alcohol on Recovery

The culture of having a beer after a footy match may well have been phased out of the elite level you will still see at any local club many players consuming alcohol immediately following a game. There is strong evidence to suggest that heavy intake of alcohol may interfere with post exercise recovery in a variety of ways.

The consumption of alcohol has been shown to significantly increase urinary losses during the post-exercise phase. The higher the alcoholic content the greater the urinary losses. When test subjects consumed alcohol as part of their post-exercise recovery they displayed close to 20% less net retention than those athletes who consumed no alcohol. During post-exercise recovery a 20% less retention of water can be extremely detrimental to an athlete, especially if they are intending on competing/training at a high level within the next 48-72 hours.

Most sporting activities are associated with muscle and soft-tissue damage, either as a result of physical activity or due to tackling and collisions in contact sports. Effectively the soft-tissue has been injured or traumatised and must heal. The standard first-aid for soft-tissue injuries is to apply vasoconstrictive techniques (rest, ice, compression, elevation). Alcohol is known to be a potent vasodilator and therefore has the potential to cause or increase undesirable swelling around damaged sites. This excess swelling and inflammation is then likely to impede the repair process.

Many experts agree however that the most detrimental effect of alcohol on athletes is loss of inhibition and impaired judgement. There are strong correlations between excess alcohol consumption and increased rates of drowning, spinal injuries, problems with recreational water activities and is a known major contributor to road accidents.

There are many issues associated with excessive consumption of alcohol post-exercise. In summary, the major impact of heavy alcohol intake post exercise is the failure of the athlete to follow guidelines for optimal recovery.

Burke L, Deakin V; Clinical Sports Nutrition 2nd Ed; 2000

Chris Watson

Hi, my name is Chris and I’m currently in my 5th year at QUT completing a dual degree of Podiatry/Human Movements. Why the dual degree you may ask? Well when I was in grade 12 at school looking through the QTAC book podiatry caught my attention. Below the podiatry course was the dual degree and, as I’ve always been involved in sport, the Human Movements side really appealed to me.

I’ve been involved in sport my whole life. My passion really lies with Track and Field however. I started Little Athletics at age 6 and have continued to compete until just recently after having to undergo surgery in an attempt to correct an injury caused by running. Since 2004 my event has been the 400m hurdles. I have represented Queensland at schools and open nationals as well as representing Australia at the 2004 Youth Olympic Festival.

My goal whilst here on prac at Fitnance is to absorb as much knowledge and practical experience which will undoubtedly help me in the future.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Toy - The Prowler

Come try out the newest addition to the Fitnance stable: The Prowler! Guaranteed to make you queasy!

Here is a video of it in action:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Energy Drinks Pose Serious Health Risks for Young People

Energy drinks all over the world are recieving more media attention due to their high levels of caffeine. Self report surveys indicate that energy drinks are regularly consumed by 30% to 50% of children, adolescents and young adults.
Energy drinks are categorized as nutritional supplements and therefore avoid the limit of 71mg caffeine per 12 fluid ounces which the US Food and Drug Administration has set for soda. Some of these energy drinks contain as much as 75 to 400mg per container coming from additives such as guarana, kola nut, yerba mate and cocoa with addition caffeine not included in the listed total.
A study in New Zealand found that on average all children, teenagers and young men would exceed the adverse effect level of 3mg/kg per day of caffeine after consuming a single retail energy drink. The recommended daily caffeine intake of 2.5 mg/day for children and 100mg/day for adolescents.
The consumption of energy drinks posses a variety of health risks including, liver damage, kidney failure, respiratory disorders , confusion, seizures, psychotic conditions, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, hypertension, heart failure and death. People with cardiac conditions, attention-deficit, hyperactivity disorder, eating disorders, those on diabetes, those taking medication or consuming alcohol are strongly advised to not consume any kind of energy drink.

Chris F’Sautia

My Name is Chris F’Sautia. I was born in New Zealand but raised in Australia. My parents are from Samoan heritage and I am proud to be brought up by the Samoan culture. I am currently attending Brisbane State High School finishing off my final year of my senior studies. I am grateful for the opportunity that Fitnance has given me to complete my Cert III, and hopefully pursue my Cert IV. I love to play physical activities, my favourite being rugby and volleyball. One of my goals is to make a future out of rugby, to help my family as they are the most important aspect of my life besides church and my faith.

Samuel Kerevi

My name is Samuel Kerevi. I was born in the Pacific Island of Fiji. I moved to Australia at the age of 7 and have been living here since. I have been attending Brisbane State High School since 2007 and I am currently finishing off my senior studies. The most important things in my life are my faith and family. I love to play physical activities such as volleyball, badminton, and swimming. My favourite is rugby and I hope to make a future out of it. Thanks to Fitnance, I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to complete my Cert III in fitness and would also like to gain my Cert IV in the future.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Birrigan Young and Jordan Tighe played against the Sunshine Coast Sea Eagles at Gympie. It was a good hard game but they lost 20-12. A few mistakes during the game gave sunshine coast the opportunities to get down the field and score tires. It’s still early in the season to fix the mistakes. Well done to Jordan Tighe he scored the only two tried for his team, good game.

Steve kanowski

Steve Kanowski ran the line for the bronco’s vs titan’s game. Well done running the line, keep up the good work. Do something next time kanowski!

Jets/East vs Storms

The Ipswich Jets and the East Tigers played the Melbourne storms on the weekend. The Jets played and ordinary game losing 34-0 in the first half. The second half was a different story with the East Tigers having a good game winning 10-0. Fitnance Junior Ahio played for East Tigers and had a good game. It wasn’t hard to miss Junior with those white boots.

Brisbane Roar Grand Final Winners

The women’s Brisbane Roar team had a 2-1 win over the reigning premiers Sydney FC in a tight clash at Campbelltown stadium on Saturday. Brooke Spence, Lauren Colthorpe, Amy Gillespie and Kim Carroll all contributed to the teams second grand final win in three years. Congratulations girls!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome Birrigan and Jordan.

Welcome to Birrigan and Jordan and good luck to the boys this weekend as the Under 20 Broncos take on the Under 20 Titans.

Players Profiles

Birrigan Young
Date of Birth : 27 July, 1991
Height : 192 cm
Weight : 110 kg
Position : Prop/second row
Junior Clubs : Lower Clarence Magpies
Previous Clubs : Manly Sea Eagles

Jordan Tighe
Date of Birth : 1 February, 1993
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 78 kg
Position : Five-eighth/fullback
Rep. Honours : QLD u/16s
Junior Clubs : Tamworth City Lions

Junior Hurley Pro

Well done to Tim MacDonald for qualifying to surf in the Junior Hurley Pro held at Burleigh on Australia day, the 26th of January. He surfed really well all the way up the heat before the Quarter finals where he was in the bottom 2 of his heat which leaded to him being knocked out. Well done Tim and good luck for the next surfing event!

RUGBY LEAGUE – Ipswich Jets/ East Tigers VS Melbourne Storm

Ipswich Jets and East Tigers take on Melbourne Storm at Langlands Park on Friday the 11th. Kick-off is at 7 pm. Good luck to our very own Junior Ahio playing for Easts and good luck to the Might Jets who are looking to improve on last weeks trail against the Roosters. Pre-purchased game tickets are available at Easts Leagues Club Reception and are only $15 each or $8 for concessions. Get in quick as you can because tickets are limited!!

Nation Outrigger Championship

Well done to Marianne Austin at the National Outrigger Championship. Marianne placed 2nd in the 1000m senior master women’s and the 500m senior master women’s. Very Nice!

Gatorade and Enticer Queensland Tri Series 6/2/2011 Race 5 Caloundra Results

Well done to the FITS at the QTS Caloundra race 5!

QTS Triathlon 400m swim/ 15km cycle/ 4km run

Name – Place – Overall time – swim – cycle – run
Sarah Richmond – 10th – 1:01:11 – 10:31 – 31:41 – 18:57
Kristy Harnett – 12th – 59:20 – 8:26 – 32:04 – 18:49
Luke Stafford – 13th – 53:25 – 6:44 – 28:52 – 17:47
Matthew Sheerin – 40th – 58:44 -10:21 – 30:24 – 17:56
Drew Standish – 44th – 59:19 – 9:38 – 29:10 – 20:29
Andrew Jennings – 49th – 1:00:44 – 8:41 – 32:05 – 19:55

Enticer 200m swim / 5km cycle / 2km run

Name – Place – Overall time – swim – cycle – run
Kathy Turner – 9th – 30:38 – 5:28 – 13:55 – 11:14
Sandra Jennings – 28th – 34:05 – 5:28 – 17:31 – 11:05

A special well done to Kathy Turner for moving her Placing from 11th to 9th! Keep going Kathy with the good work!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nelson Patchett - Trainee

My name is Nelson Patchett and I was born and raised in Brisbane although being half Canadian. I am currently completing my final year of education at Brisbane State High School. I study Maths, English, Biology, Health and Art and am also aiming to achieve a Cert III and then continue to pursue a Cert IV in Fitness so I can open up some doors that could possibly lead to future career pathways in Sport Science. I play in the Opens Rugby Squad for my school and aim to become a future Red and Wallaby.

Keeghan Sefton - Trainee

My name is Keeghan Sefton. I am currently in Grade 12 at Brisbane State High School. My family and I originate from New Zealand. I moved to Australia with my parents when I was 11 years old. I have been attending Brisbane State High School since I was 12 years old (year 8). I am also in the opens rugby union squad at Brisbane State High School. At school I study Maths A, English, HPE, Rugby Studies, Senior Construction Studies and Senior Technology Studies. I have just started my Cert III in fitness at Fitnance and hope to complete both Cert III and Cert IV within the next two years. I would like to work in the fitness industry after I finish school so I can keep my body healthy throughout my life.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Melinda McLeod BMX Race

Mel is in the white top and red pants. Go you good thing you BMX bandit Mel. Very impressive.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fitnance trainee Ryan Zeeman

My name is Ryan Zeeman I am in year 12 in 2011. I play rugby league for Souths Acacia Ridge but have also played for Wests Newcastle.

I am currently going to school at Clairvaux Mackillop College in 2010. I payed for the schools first 13 in the Confraternity carnival and hope to again in 2011 . At school I am studying Physical Education, Recreational studies, Hordiculture, Marine Studies and English Communication.

I am currently doing Certificate 3 in fitness but hope to also do a Certificate 4. After I finish school I would like to continue doing fitness training.


Congratulations to the FITs in the recent athletics meets

On Satuday the 5th of February Jaryd Grantham ran a time of 1.51.72 to take out the 800 metres event at QE11. Also at QE11 in the 3000 metre event Jackson Elliot ran a time of 8.11 to win the event while Johnny Peters and Peter Bock finished 2nd and 3rd .

In the New South Wales chamionships Glenn Yarham came in third in the 3000 metre race while Jayden Russ and Patrick Nispel finshed 6th and 7th.

Jets v Roosters

Well done to the Ipswich Jets, in their first trial against the Sydney City Roosters on the weekend. The Roosters won 22-12. Despite the loss the Jets had a good first game. This weekend they take on the Melbourne Storm at Langlands Park.

Fitnance trainee - Luke Everson

My name is, Luke Everson I am in grade 12 in 2011. I am from New Zealand and move to Australia when I turned four. I am currently at Brisbane state high school. I have only been at Brisbane state high school for a year, before that I was at Iona College. I am in the open first 15 squad for rugby union. At school I study English, physical education, rugby studies, recreation studies and building and construction. I have just started my cert 3 in fitness and I hope to finish my cert 3 and move on to my cert 4. After school I will hope continue working in the fitness industries.

Does exercising on an empty stomach help you burn fat?
The simple answer is yes. When there are no carbohydrates from food readily available in your body to be used as fuel then your body will automatically start converting fat stores to use as energy.

Will this help you lose weight?
The ‘energy in energy out’ principle is the golden rule for weight loss. Even if you’re burning more fat during exercise but you’re consuming the same amount of energy as you normally would, you will not lose any extra weight. It doesn’t matter what type of energy you’re burning, whether it be carbohydrate or fat, but it does matter how much total energy (in kilojoules or calories) you’re burning – the more the better. If skipping breakfast makes you feel tired thereby reducing the intensity or length of your workout, then you will be burning less energy and therefore contributing less to weight loss.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Personal Trainer Jobs

Train Like Hell

Our personal trainers enjoy complete autonomy, while receiving support where they require. Our state-of-the-art booking system and management tools greatly improve their productivity, while our extensive advertising campaigns provide new customers everyday.

Becoming a featured trainer on our personal trainer network, as is the perfect way to boost your career.

If you would like to find out more about what it will be like to be a personal trainer at TrainLikeHell, complete the form via

Personal Trainer

Company Background & Job Purpose

Executive Results has been operating since 2004
We service Brisbane CBD, most of Brisbane North, South and East
Reporting directly to the owners of company
Family run

Education & qualifications

•Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness
•Insurance and registered

Duties & Responsibilities

•Close and open gym on occasion (when you're training a client or running a class early or late)
•Coordinating group sessions
•Writing programs
•Signing the client in
•Find fill in instructor if you can't take the class or service the client


•1 year minimum as a personal trainer
•1 year minimum group fitness (preferred)
•Great opportunity to further your knowledge in areas like; Kettlebells, Suspension Training, Caveman Circuit Training
•You'll have the flexibility of bringing in your own clients
•Weekly pay can be as high as you want it, how many clients and classes can you run a week without losing quality?
•Steady reliable income, clients that are on 6 month contracts and group classes

There is no sales involved in this role, we do all the sales, this position has become vacant and existing clients are ready to be taken on. Clients are long term. Some sessions pay whether the client shows up or not.

This job would be perfect for someone who has Personal Training and Group Training experience as permanent classes are available in the following areas; Boxing, Boot Camps, Suspension Training, Circuit Training. This role can also be split up and given to a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

Please send your CV to highlighting your experience in Personal Training and/or Group Training.

You'll be working in a gym and boot camps that have been featured on TV (Channel 7 and Channel 10), in newspapers and magazines. You'll enjoy the range of classes we run and the clientele we have, we're not your ordinary gym, we're professional with a raw down to earth looking gym that runs some unique programs like; Kettlebells, Caveman Circuit Training, Cavewoman Circuit Training, Suspension Training and much more.

We are a very down to earth team and support and feed of each other, quality and honesty is our prime motivator. /

Anna Junghans
0417 093 806
07 3844 1881

Taco Fleur
0421 851 786

Personal Training Jobs x 2

Personal Trainers required – For an Immediate start

Vitalelife “Naturally Different Fitness” – Paddington and Bulimba

Vitalelife is a well established wellness brand which is focussed on holistic health. Our two centres serve as a place for various health professionals to congregate, including Personal Trainers, Kinesiologists, Exercise Physiologists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Beauty Therapists and more.
We have two positions available.

We are looking for Personal Trainers who are:
• friendly,
• have great communication skills,
• enthusiastic,
• self driven,
• Prepared to work within a multidisciplinary team,
Essential Qualifications
• Certificate 4 in Fitness
• Public and professional liability insurance
• Senior First Aid and CPR

If you have a fantastic work ethic and fit the above criteria, contact me to discuss how to get started immediately.

Karen Anderson

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fitness Myth: A sports drink is a must have during a workout?

Proper hydration is essential during a workout however unless you are exercising at a high intensity for greater than 90 minutes water, rather than sports drinks, are the go. Sports drinks supply additional calories so they are well suited to continual bouts of exercise where the body is burning up calories. During normal training it is not necessary to replace electrolytes such as sodium and potassium as it is unlikely that these stores will be completely depleted. One occasion however, where electrolytes are important, is marathon events in extreme conditions where it may be necessary to add electrolytes to the mix.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Female Personal Trainer Wanted

Lifestyle Health Clubs Browns Plains is in need of a full-time female personal trainer and would love to get you started as soon as possible. The trainer must provide valid certificates, blue card, registration, insurance, first aid and CPR certificates, as well as an ABN. They must be prepared for early and/or late shifts, and must be committed with great people skills.

Cnr Wembley Rd & Rooney St
Browns Plains 4118, Qld

Matthew Ruthenberg
Personal Training Director
(m) 0401 017 034