Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Birthday to our resident Monkey Peter Nowill
Tanya Matthews going to World Dragon Boat Championships For Dragon Boating.
Linda Leverton carving it up, accomplishing 5th place at New York Diamond League.

Zoe wilson 1st , Ryan Wilson, Lucy Kennedy at tt state champs.
Casey Flouch and Jay Lucht at the River City Masters Meet.
Rapha Ride

Ciao Bella Team got the best value for money. 
Dirtiest rider Alex.
Best Descender Georgie.
Most Calories consumed PG, Showed the most guts.
Rabbi, Broownie award. Praty.

City to South

Well done to these FIT's

Al Stevenson 1st
Drew Williams 2nd
Pat Nispell 4th
Harley Logan
Rob Collins 21st
Darryl Crook
Grant Gwyne 6th
Christophe Manchon 23rd
Emily Coman Jefferies
Elisha Bellchambers
Aislinn Sharp
Cherie Lowe
Jemma Purandare
Shana Engelhart