Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Try These Boot Camps

Try these boot camps...............

Josh’s Boot Camp

Warm up
Run + 3 games of tug of war

Split up into 2 groups

Group one - circuit
Tyre throws, medicine ball squats, boxing bag toss, tyre jumps, rope whips

Group two - runs
20metre crawl, 40metre lunge, 40 metre piggy back, 60metre sprint

As soon as the running group finishes, teams switch continuously until time is up.

Junior’s Boot Camp
Warm up
Shuttle runs/jog

Circuits – 60 seconds each with 10 seconds rest then another 60 seconds
Push up claps - with partner opposite slapping same hand
Chin-up followed by push-up
Around the world – back to back with partner passing medicine ball from one side to the other

Followed by
Malcoms – start in the push up position, get up sprint 10 metres, drop down into push up position and then back up to sprint 20 metres, drop down then up and sprint back 10 metres to the beginning. This is one repetition.
One group performs 4, and then the other does the same, then 3, 2, 1.

Warm down
Touch football

Cycling Post Ride Analysis!

Very good!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kingscliff Triathlon Results

5km Run:
Peter Nowill – 16:37 1st place
Vesna Zalavic – 24:56 3rd Place Female

Olympic Distance:
Adri-Anne Scholtes – 3:00:03 7th Place Female 30-34 years
Marian Summer – 2:18:52 2nd Place Open Female
Kristy Harnet – 2:52:40 5th Place Female 25-29
Chris Weier – 2:18:22 2nd Place Male 30-34
Steve Kanowski – 2:29:09 4th Place Male 20-24
Chris Dale – 2:24:50 6th Place Male 35-39
Mel Gillespie – DFN; swim – 0:21:15; cycle – 1:24:03
Chelsie Easton – 2:58:40 6th Place Female 30-34

Name: Matthew McFillin

Age: 24

D.o.b: 18/08/1986

Background: I’m currently living at Warner and am in my third year of Human Movement Studies at Kelvin Grove. After school I spent several years working in different fields before deciding to start at university. Through my work placement, I hope to gain knowledge of where I would like to work within the field.

Sports played: Throughout my school years I played a number of different sports including cricket, basketball, rugby union, AFL and soccer. I still continue to play basketball recreationally

Favourite Foods: KFC, Mexican, Chips.

Previous Work Experience: Human Movement clinic Kelvin Gove (80 hours), RBWH cardiac investigations (6 hours)

Monday, September 27, 2010


With an aging population the prevalence and incidence of osteoporosis is set to dramatically increase over the next few decades. Osteoporosis is a condition categorised by a decline in bone mineral density (BMD) leading to hard, brittle bones prone to fracture. The primary risk factor for osteoporosis is reduced BMD and as a result focusing on this from a young age is the best prevention strategy. The area to particularly focus on early in life is nutrition, ensuring that adequate calcium and minerals are consumed from childhood.

While both genders are capable of developing osteoporosis, women are considerably more likely to develop the disease. This is as a result of hormonal changes particularly during and after menopause. These changes speed up the decline of BMD and therefore it is critical for women over the age of 50 to maintain activity throughout their lifespan.

At the end of the growing/maturation phase BMD begins to decline, so it is critical to build up as much BMD before the age of 20 as possible so as to strengthen bones for later life. Once the decline begins it is not possible to ever completely stop this process, however with particular forms of exercise slowing the decline is possible. The most effective type of exercise to reduce this decline is resistance training. The goal of resistance training is to stimulate the body to rejuvenate and strengthen itself. This is achieved through the remodelling and laying down of more bone, making it more resistant to fracture and injury. Research shows that aerobic exercise has very little, if any, effect on BMD, with solid evidence indicating that cycling has no proven benefit at all.

During resistance training all of the major muscle groups should be targeted. This is due to the fact that the upper body is rarely loaded during activities of daily living (ADL’s) resulting in weaker bones, not capable of sustaining intense loading. Additional loading of the upper body while also maintaining BMD of the lower body through walking and ADL’s ensures whole body protection against osteoporosis.

Total Knee Replacements

Total knee replacement (TKR) is a surgical procedure that involves replacing the femoral, tibial, and often, the patellofemoral surface with metal and plastic to protect the articular surfaces of the bone so that integrity of the joint is maintained. Strength and fitness are two major issues facing TKR patients. While rehab is intensive following surgery, it only lasts a few weeks. Considering most people who undergo a TKR are over 65, general fitness is usually low in this age group.
The goal after a TKR is the return of pain-free functioning. Research has found that return to activities of daily living can be difficult as strength and function in TKR patients are significantly decreased without continued exercise. Low-intensity exercising, such as walking, cycling and stair-climbing, should be implemented before surgery and following the rehab process so that cardiovascular fitness and strength in the lower limbs can be maintained/increased. Strength exercises such as aquatic resistance training and lower-limb exercises should also be undertaken so that the muscles surrounding the knee joint are able to be strengthened, pre- and post-surgery.
General fitness and strength can greatly improve patient outcomes when planning to undergo a TKR. This improved fitness also increases the odds of a complication-free operation. An exercise intervention before illness occurs also decreases the risk of needing surgery in the first place. Even though there are many contraindications following a TKR, exercises that produce low biomechanical forces across the joint, such as the ones mentioned above, is an excellent way to maintain fitness and strength at any age.

Jacqui Dowling

Hi my name is Jacqui Dowling and I am currently in my third year of Human Movement Studies at Queensland University of Technology at Kelvin Grove. I am currently at Fitnance completing a 50 hour practical placement. Following this practical placement I will be undertaking two 240 hour placements at Sporting Wheelies and St Andrew’s cardiac rehabilitation. Once I have completed my required hours to be accredited as an exercise physiologist I am going to complete an extra 360 hours of practical experience in cardiac investigations at the Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital. At the moment cardiac investigations is my main interest area; however it is an extremely competitive field so I am also looking at cardiac rehabilitation as another career path.

Outside of uni I enjoy playing hockey and have just completed my 14th season of the sport. Over the last 8 -10 years I have also taken up sailing and really enjoy racing and teaching kids to sail. I also have a certificate III in fitness, which I did here at Fitnance at the end of 2009.

Angelika Fewtrell

Hi, my name is Angelika Fewtrell, but most people call me Ang or Angel. I’m in third-year at Queensland University of Technology studying a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies). I am at Fitnance completing a fifty-hour practical placement in the apparently healthy population, as part of my Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) accreditation. I have always enjoyed sport and got into Human Movement because I didn’t know what else to do. After this placement, I am set to complete two 240 hour practical placements in musculoskeletal and cardiac populations. I am also completing a 360 hour cardiac investigations placement next year as the cardiac system interests me greatly.
I hope to pick-up as many skills as possible during these various practical placements, as I will be completing approximately 1000 hours, in total. As you can probably guess – I have no idea what I want to do when I grow-up, so I figure that the more experience the better! At the moment, my goal is to get into cardiac rehabilitation.

Exercise in the Elderly: Why is it Important?

Exercise in the Elderly: Why is it Important?
Exercise plays an important role in maintaining our body’s capacity to function effectively. It reduces the strain on our heart, increases the effectiveness of our breathing and keeps our muscles strong, powerful and flexible. Exercise also maintains our body’s capacity to function effectively and reduces the risk of falls, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. As we age, the importance of being strong and mobile increases so that we can live active lives for longer to prevent these conditions, and also perform activities of daily living with ease.

For those who have exercised throughout their lives, their goal is simply to continue their physical activity incorporating strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training on most days of the week, and continually improve their fitness by setting new goals once their previous goals are reached.

Those people who have been inactive need to ease back into exercise under supervision by an Exercise Physiologist. They also need to incorporate strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training into their program progressing onto harder exercises gradually. Strength training should focus on triceps, abdominals and quadriceps, which are all important muscles for getting off the floor, out of a chair and sitting up. Cardiovascular training can include walking and swimming and flexibility training should include stretching of all major muscles groups.

By implementing this exercise, benefits will be seen in simple tasks like getting out of chairs, shopping and looking after their grandchildren. It will also help prevent conditions such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and give them extra years of their life to enjoy with their friends and family.

Laura Cleave

My name is Laura Cleave and I’m a third year Human Movement’s student at QUT. I’ve been in Brisbane my whole life apart from one year spent in Canada. I’ve been involved in a variety of sports but my all time favourite is basketball, making the Open team at high school in years 11 and 12. My fitness regimen consists of Boxing, Spin and Body Step classes as well as weights sessions at my local gym. I’ve always been interested in health and fitness, but my passions lie with weight loss and helping the elderly become healthier through exercise. I have always wanted to study Physiotherapy after Human Movements, however this is beginning to change with more experience in the health and fitness industry.

James Armstrong Blog

My name is James Armstrong and I am currently a 3rd year Human Movement Studies student at QUT. I have a passion for fitness and exercise and I would one day wish to move into the injury and rehabilitation field to help clients in a clinical setting. I am an avid golfer and one of my life goals is to hit a hole in one. My entire life has revolved around sport and physical activity and my interests in fitness are in improving technique and strength in order for clients to perform at their peak. I have participated in a variety of sports throughout my life such as soccer, volleyball, cricket and AFL and I hope to continue my passion for the remainder of my life.

Jono Boura

Hello, my name is Jonathan. I am currently working as a practicum student at Fitnance. I am in my third year of Human Movement Studies at QUT, through which I have learnt the many benefits of exercise. I am a football fanatic, having played football for six years, as well as supporting my team, Benfica of Portugal. My love for the sport is what inspired me to undertake the course, in the hope of becoming an accredited coach. I am still waiting for my first silverware as a player, having been on the losing side in three grand finals! Nowadays, I am more interested in the physiology of the human body during exercise, and I hope to move into this field in the future. I believe that exercise is a vital component of any healthy life, and I hope that everyone is given the opportunity to participate in as many sports as possible.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Turkish Get Up

Fitnance Advanced Lifting Course.
Get on Board 26th September. 5CEC points

Sam Reiter

Name: Sam Reiter
DOB: 15 November 1988

I originally started my university life studying ‘Creative Writing’ and majoring in Drama. After a year of this degree though I made the decision to change into Human Movement studies at QUT and, three years later, I haven’t looked back! Sport has always been an enjoyable part of my life with me being a black belt in Tae Kwon Do (but am completely harmless) and representing QLD for Trampolining a couple of years . I also enjoy playing the piano, the saxophone and travelling. I find the human body just fascinating and at the end of my degree I hope to further my studies into the field of neuromuscular disease, with a special interest in Parkinson’s disease. I’m also passionate about nutrition and am dedicated to helping the general population remain as fit and healthy as possible.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2XU Run Group

16/9/2010 Botanic Gardens 3 x 4 laps 2XU Run
Name: Set 1: Set 2: Set 3
Lou: 7.10: 6.27: 6.02
Mark: 7.17: 7.04: 6.40
Ross: 7.19: 6.52: 6.30
Woody: 8.25: 7.35: 7.31
Tif: 8.25: 7.40: 7.35
Steve: 7.15: 6.43: 6.37
Adri-Anne: 8.25: 7.42: 7.28
Amanda: 8.25: 7.30: 8.23
Kristy: 8.30: 8.10: 8.08
Michelle: 8.35: 8.30: 8.32
Ky (3 laps) 7: 6.20: 5.49
Sandra (4,4,1) 11.05: 9.09: 1.49
Alison (4,4,1) 12.05: 9.13: 1.54
Kathy (4,4,1) 11.05: 9.11: 2.07

Alex (1 on 1 off)
Flick (photographer)
Drew (broken)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Personal Trainer Job.

Personal Trainer Job
Our personal trainers enjoy complete autonomy, while receiving support where they require. Our state-of-the-art booking system and management tools greatly improve their productivity, while our extensive advertising campaigns provide new customers everyday.
Becoming a featured trainer on our personal trainer directory is the perfect way to boost your career.
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Throwing Your Bike: By Bjarne Riis

Bjarne Riis has had enough riding!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fitnance: SQUAT Off

Congratulations Deadlift Dave!
190kg Squat to win "THE SQUAT OFF"

Congratulations Steve and Shannon

Congratulations Steve and Shannon on your beautiful baby girl, Hannah.

Lets hope Hannah looks more like Shannon than Steve!

Pictured is Steve's other new baby!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Rhys Bowman's Blog

For those of you who don’t know me, which will be just about everyone reading this, my name is Rhys Wesley Bowman and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement Studies conducted at QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus. I am currently completing my last few subjects in the course and just commenced my first 50 hour practicum placement here at Fitnance.

I have previously completed a smaller practicum module with Brisbane Boys College, working in the gym there and assisting the lads with their rugby, soccer and rowing training. As part of that placement I was also involved with North’s rugby league held at Nudgee College, where I assisted and helped with the strength and conditioning of the Under 19’s rep teams and the A graders.

Through these experiences I have certainly gained a lot of useful knowledge in the area and this has opened up ideas for me as to where I want to be after uni. At this point in time I’m really interested in the strength and conditioning side of sport-specific exercise programs and general fitness. In the near future I am required to complete another 50 hour prac module and finally a larger 360 hour module. This experience will not just be limited to the gym and conditioning setting, I will be involved in pracs that focus on back pain, chronic disease cases and other clinical related areas.

For now, that’s what I have for you and I hope I’ve given you some insight into what I do and where I want to go. Hopefully these experiences will assist in getting me into strength and conditioning and perhaps some clinical rehabilitation work as well.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My name is Darren Clark, currently an undergraduate of Human Movements at Queensland University of Technology. I am currently a 4th year student pursuing a career in Strength and Conditioning. I have been a Qualified Personal Trainer for the past 18months and enjoyed it immensely. My specialties involve, Strength training, Weight loss and Sports specific training. Sport and fitness plays a critical role in my everyday life. I have achieved highly, at the national level for my age in Cricket and at State level for AFL and Athletics. My main goal in life is to make a difference in today’s population through my knowledge, experience and motivation to help others out with their Fitness, Health and Wellness.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bridge To Brisbane Results - 5km

Fitnance/2XU Bridge To Brisbane Team Results - 5km
GLEN YARHAM 00:14:49 2
MATTHEW HAWKE 00:14:51 3
NEIL LABINSKY 00:14:54 4
PETER BOCK 00:15:12 7
ANDREW CREW 00:15:12 8
ALEX ROSE 00:15:20 10
PATRICK NISPEL 00:15:51 16
NICK LORENZ 00:17:13 29
CHRIS WEIER 00:17:28 34

Fitnance Bridge To Brisbane Results: 10km

Fitnance/2XU Bridge To Brisbane Results: 10km

Peter Nowill(2) 0:30:49
Jackson Elliot(4) 0:31:09
Jonathon Peters(6) 0:31:37
Daryl Crook(7) 0:31:43
Jay Twist(8) 0:31:45
Tom Kennedy(12) 0:32:41
Matt Carlsson 0:33:21
Michael Whiting(18) 0:34:01
Grant Williams (31) 0:35:52
Jared Hauschildt 0:42:52
Marissa Mahoney 0:39:57
Tanya Mathews 0:50:28
Yi Hu 0:51:33
Katerina Buzinova 0:53:42
Siobhon Costello
Elaine 0:49
Kristy Harnett 0:50
Laura 0:56
Andrew Jennings
Suzie 0:41

Bridge To Brisbane Results

Well done to all the FIT's in the 2010 Bridge To Brisbane.
The Fitnance/2XU Teams won both the 5km and 10km Teams Events for the fourth year in a row.
We finished with 7 out of the top 10 places in both events.
Thanks to Bocky and Jay for organising.
Pictured are Jackson Elliot 4th, Jonathon Peters 6th, Darryl Crook 7th, and Jay Twist 8th finishing the 10km event. Peter Nowill 2nd has just finished and is monkeying around in the foreground!