Saturday, January 29, 2011

SBTC 'Sweat Session' Results

SBTC 'Sweat Session' 29/1/2011

1km Grind
  • Ross 2.02

  • Bronwen 3.10
1km Row
  • Ross 3.23

  • Aeolyn 4.24

  • Bronwen 4.07

  • Amanda 4.25

  • Elaine 4.30
5km Bike
  • Aeolyn 10.46

  • Amanda 10.20
Push ups (max)
  • Ross 15

  • Aeolyn 40

  • Bronwen 23

  • Elaine 25
Chin ups (max)
  • Casey 2

  • Jay 14

  • Luke 15

  • Aeolyn 10

  • Elaine 1
Bench Press (1RM)
  • Casey 70kg

  • Jay 70kg

  • Luke 75kg

  • Ross 75kg
Sit and Reach
  • Casey +8.4

  • Jay +26.5

  • Luke -10.7

  • Ross +11.2

  • Aeolyn +26.5

  • Bronwen +22

  • Elaine +15
Sit ups (60sec)
  • Casey 37

  • Jay 39

  • Aeolyn 51

  • Bronwen 26

  • Amanda 33

  • Elaine 33
Hang (sec)
  • Casey 38

  • Jay 47

  • Luke 9

  • Ross 18

  • Aeolyn 68

  • Bronwen 63

  • Amanda 25

  • Elaine 51
Burpees (60sec)
  • Casey 18

  • Jay 25

  • Luke 23

  • Ross 18

  • Aeolyn 22

  • Bronwen 18

  • Elaine 17

Results in bold denote highest result for male and female in each event.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Strongman Results

Congratulations to the competitors at yesterdays Australia Day competition.
Special mention to Eben Le Roux 1st overall; Marc Wells 2nd overall; and Tim O'Shea 3rd amateur and 5th overall.

Congrats guys!

Top Personal Trainers for Vision PT Hamilton QLD

Vision is looking for highly motivated, enthusiastic and inspirational personal trainers to join their dynamic team. As a personal trainer with Vision you will be required to provide one on one support and motivation for your clients through the development and implementation of their fitness program. These programs can be for weight loss, fitness improvement or even maintaining their existing healthy routine. This role is for those who want a long term career in fitness and to not only achieve your own personal goals but those of your clients.

To perform this role successfully you will be a fully qualified personal trainer with a background in improving the lives of your clients through health and fitness. You will have excellent communication and organisational skills with a mature outlook in order to satisfy your client’s needs and ultimately reach their goals and expectations.

In return for your hard work and commitment, Vision offers trainers the opportunity to be part of a growing organisation where they take care of all administration including insurances, rent and marketing. Vision provides seamless systems and process where you can get on with servicing your clients and not worry about the details. Not only will you have the opportunity to work in a fantastic team environment but also be rewarded through a competitive salary and bonus structure.

If you are a positive, fun and outgoing person that is willing to learn and further themselves in this exciting industry then address your application together with a cover letter to Rana Saini via email at

Personal Training Business Owner - Adelaide

Launch Your Own Fitness Business as a full-time Personal Trainer
Are you passionate about the health and fitness industry and motivated to help people achieve their goals? Want to run your own business but feel you still need help? As a Genesis Independent Business Operator (IBO) you will have access to:
  • Thorough induction and training
  • Continual support
  • Uncapped earning potential $$$$
  • A proven track record of success
  • PT Leads booked for you
  • Between 200 – 300 new members every month
  • Proven client building exercise programs
  • Assistance with setting up Direct Debit account to help you manage finances
  • Qualified PT leads through our Maximum Results Packs
  • Reduced rent while you build your client base
  • A fun and vibrant work environment
  • Opportunity to move into management position
  • One of Australia’s strongest home grown brands!!!!
James Smith
8377 6555

Experienced Personal Trainer for Managerial Role

Do you have experience in personal training and are a natural leader?

Balance Personal Training requires a Dynamic Studio Manager.This position will allow the successful candidate to bring their breadth of experience and knowledge to the team, with a view to utilising innovative techniques while striving for constant and never ending improvement in both themselves and the Balance PT team.

We accept only the best so please apply ONLY if you possess ALL of the following attributes;

* A warm and engaging personality with exceptional communication skills
* Enthusiasm & Passion for helping people achieve their goals - our leader must have a dedication and passion for teaching our team the best way to train their clientele
* You must thrive on challenges and variety – flexibility is a must!
* Have a willingness to go the extra mile - everyday
* Sympathetic and understanding of both clientele and your team
* Superior decision making skills – you must be efficient and effective in your decisions on a daily basis

A trial period is on offer initially for a period ranging from 6-12 weeks. This will include training, coaching and the implementation of the managerial role.

During this trial period the candidate will prove themself worthy of the position on offer.

For a confidential discussion, please firstly submit your CV and cover letter to

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Strongman Competition

Fitnance wishes the Strongmen and women good luck for the Australia Day Celtic Festival Competition, Kryal Castle, Ballarat Jan 26th.
- Marc Wells
- Tim O'Shea
- Eben Le Roux
- Sue Metcalf

Beginner Bike Ride

No beginner ride this Friday 28th Jan or Friday 4th.
Changing to Saturday 4pm commencing 5th Feb at Murarrie.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Gatorade Queensland Tri Series Results: Robina 23/1/2011

Race 4: Robina 23/1/2011

QTS Triathlon 750m swim / 20km cycle / 5km run

Name Overall - Swim - Cycle - Run
Steve Kanowski 1:12:41 - 11:10 - 40:10 - 21:19
Kristy Harnett 1:21:16 - 13:10 - 44:28 - 23:36
Mark Bradford 1:25:46 - 16:15 - 45:36 - 23:53
Matthew Sheerin 1:27:08 - 16:57 - 45:44 - 24:25
Steve Houghton 1:29:43 - 18:02 - 46:44 - 24:56
Sarah Richmond 1:30:02 - 14:30 - 48:42 - 25:03
Andrew Jennings 1:33:44 - 14:30 - 52:57 - 26:15
Michelle Rochefort 1:35:42 - 15:33 - 52:14 - 27:53
Drew Standish DNF - 15:49 - 46:53

Enticer 300m swim / 10km cycle / 2.5km run

Name Overall - Swim - Cycle - Run
Katie Brennan 45:23 - 5:42 - 25:30 - 14:09
Kathy Turner 52:53 - 8:05 - 29:23 - 14:54
Sandra Jennings 58:33 - 8:00 - 35:50 - 14:41

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Losing Christmas Weight

Over the Christmas period, many of us put on a fair bit of weight. Here are some tips for getting that weight off:

1. Eat a lot of protein.
Protein is burnt at a slower rate compared to carbohydrates and fat, and due to this is essential when attempting to lose weight. A high protein meal will lead to to a ‘full’ feeling for longer, reducing the chances of having a high-sugar or fat snack. In addition to this, more calories are burnt during the digestion process after eating a high protein meal in comparison to a high carbohydrate or high fat meal.

2. Get a workout partner
Having a partner challenging you to perform at your best can work wonders in the gym, particularly when they have the same goals as you do. Pick someone who is close to you, and attempt to lose the Christmas weight together. This way, you are held accountable to not only yourself, but your partner as well. To make things even more interesting, organize a competition with a reward that both desire, and a punishment that both would prefer to avoid!

3. Drink water
During the silly season, consumption of alcohol and soft drinks invariably increases, leading to huge caloric intakes. However, these habits can sometimes ‘spill’ over to the New Year, resulting in constant consumption of sugar and alcohol. Cutting out a single bottle of Coca-Cola leads to a decrease of 260 Calories every day, or 1820 calories in a week. Next time you reach for the red bottle, consider swapping it for a water instead.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lunchtime Bash Results

5 x 500m

1.42 (L10)
1.47 (L10)
1.54 (L8)
1.58 (L8)
1.56 (L8)

1.58 (L1)
2.00 (L1)
2.08 (L4)
2.13 (L4)
2.27 (L4)

1.48 (L1)
1.47 (L1)
2.09 (L4)
2.41 (L4)
3.03 (L4)

5 x 1km




Well done guys.

12 Week Challenge

12 Week Challenge: Starts 31st of January through to the 21st of April.


Teams of 4

4 components (each of 3 weeks duration)
1. Strength and power
2. Cardio
3. Core
4. Flexibility

You will be required to maintain your motivation and ultimately the number of sessions you do each week will be indicative of your results from the fitness tests for each of the 4 components.

There are 2 essential tests that everyone in each of the 4 teams must complete which will contribute to the team points and decide the winning team. There will also be additional tests for each component which will allow you to personal measure your progress. The results will then be published on the ’12 week challenge hall of fame’ to recognise the best performer in each category.

At the end of every 3 weeks the testing results must be submitted to your team leader. Attached is a table to complete these individual results.


See Tanya for sign up details, or call (07) 3391 0022, or visit

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Myth: Eating late at night makes you fat

It is hard to resist the temptation of a snack before bedtime, whether it is ice-cream, cheesecake or a sandwich. However, a commonly held belief is that eating immediately prior to bed will lead to an increase in fat intake, particularly when the food is high in fat or sugar. Consuming a large amount of energy before sleep will result in this energy being stored as fat, as this energy is not required to sleep. However, this does not mean that consuming this food at any other time will result in a smaller waistline.

The body depends on calories for energy. Consuming a higher amount of calories than required will result in a weight gain, while consuming a lower amount of calories than required will result in weight loss. In theory, it doesn’t matter when these calories are consumed, as the body will use them when they are required. There are no studies which conclusively show that an increase in food consumed at night leads to an increased waistline. However, it is important to ensure that one follows an appropriate diet, through eating many different foods and eating over consistent intervals.

Personal Training Job

Do you have a Personal Training Style that you consider to be better than
most? Are you a self starter with drive and ambition? Are you an easy person
to get along with?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions then we would like to consider you to be a Personal Trainer at RYZE Personal Training.

We have ongoing requirements including:
o Weekly team meetings and professional development workshops
o Complimentary initial PT sessions
o Effective communication to clients and head office via email and other technology
o Team outings and team building events


We are looking for PT’s that have had experience in actually training clients. How much experience is not critical, what is critical is for you to have the willingness to learn and develop as part of a team.
Of course, as we do start our PT’s with “real life” clients, we need to guarantee that each PT is technically competent to be placed with that “real life, paying client”


We do require our PT’s to be Certificate IV Qualified in fitness, have a current First Aid certificate and be registered with Fitness Queensland. In addition to this, our PT’s need to be insured with public liability and professional indemnity.

Looking forward to hearing from you

If you believe that you fit into the category, please pursue the possibility of joining our great team!

The Personal Trainer that we are looking for needs the following:
• To be self motivated and have a strong passion to learn within a new and expanding company
• To treat their role at RYZE Personal Training like it is their own business
• To have a sporting or fitness background, experience with popular strength training techniques.
• To want to be part of a motivated team.

If you think this might not be right for you, then you are probably correct. We are searching for the crème of the crop and pride ourselves on being the best!

If this is for you simply submit your CV to Peter Prouse immediately as we need you on our team.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Repetitive Strain Injuries - Swimming

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) occur as a result of undertaking a repetitive task, sustained or awkward positions, vibrations or mechanical compressions. It may include occupational tasks such as typing or twisting or sporting movements such as swimming, tennis or running.

Swimming involves continual repetitive movements that can cause injury to the athlete. Due to the rotation of the knee in breaststroke kick it is put under a large amount of stress. The combination of this rotation and the force generated in the legs to perform the ‘whip kick’ creates a high pressure on the knee joint and the medial collateral ligament in particular. Once the ligament has become strained, continuous exercise will exacerbate the situation.

Repetitive strain injuries may present with pain, swelling, inflammation and limited movement with treatment generally consisting of resting the affected joint. Medication may be required to manage inflammation and pain. Specific knee stability and strengthening exercises can help with correct technique and minimise the risk of injury.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fitness Trends for 2011

What Do You Think the Fitness Trends of 2011 will be?
Try these:
• The running phenomena will continue to grow. Fun Runs and Marathons.
• The cycling explosion will continue.
• Triathlons and multi sport will remain popular (Beginner races through to Ironman Events)
• Crossfit will continue its rise (Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics)
• Yoga, pilates, tai chi and other core classes will remain central
• Boxing sessions.
• Floating Fitness will arrive!

Personal Trainer Job.

Personal Training Job at Tempo Fitness? We have the opportunity for a self-motivated, passionate Trainer to join our friendly team.

Get started now and reap the rewards with the help of our motivated team. Get the strategies, systems and support you need to help you grow a successful PT business.

If you'd like more information, call the Tempo Team on (07) 3378 2925 now!
4/242 Hawken Dr, St Lucia QLD 4067, Australia

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Personal Trainer Job.

Pursue Personal Training within Fitness First at Lutwyche is looking out for New Pt’s who are coming into the industry.
Andy Budgen offers an apprentice scheme for 6 months minimum with mentoring on business and technical skills to build you up to be a great PT and to keep you in the industry for years to come.

Andy Budgen
Pursue Personal Training


Personal Trainer’s Wanted at Go Health Clubs - Beenleigh

Personal Trainer’s Wanted at Go Health Clubs - Beenleigh

Be the best that you can be.
• PRESTIGE - Be part of an elite team of successful trainers
• GO RESULTS - Motivate your clients with a range of PT Packages
• GO MARKETING - Be supported with marketable PT Packages
Go Health Clubs is in need of exceptional Personal Trainers looking to build their business within our first class facilities at Beenleigh.

Have access to state of the art equipment and an energetic, fresh and motivating environment in which to train.

Go Health Clubs offers an industry first personal training system called Go Results. GO Results incorporates motivational training techniques, dietary advice, outdoor personal training & lifestyle packages. Great systems and great marketing means there is ample opportunity for personal trainers to run their own subcontracting business and earn a fantastic living within Go Health Clubs!

If you are new to personal training, you will need a passion to succeed and the ability to learn fast. You will have the courage and strength to succeed in running your own business, generating between $4,000-$9,000 per month from your own clientele.

We are looking for Trainers with an outgoing and friendly personality and not afraid to approach people, the determination to build your client base (with our help), a positive attitude coupled with honesty, integrity and strong ethics that align with our existing trainers.

To be successful you will need to work hard and have excellent customer service skills to retain members from all levels of fitness, in order to establish a successful business. If you have the above qualities with our support system you will succeed.

• Certificate III & IV in Fitness
• Fitness Australia Registration
• First Aid Certificate
• Blue Card
• Insurance

Personal Trainer Wanted

Personal Trainer wanted in Ascot.
I'm after one maybe two trainers to do a couple group sessions a week. This will start as 2 x 5:15am sess/wk and build as the year goes on.
Sessions will be held in and around the Ascot area with a view for you to run your own groups and share in the takings.

Stephanie Ryman - QUT Prac Student

Hi everyone, I’m Stephanie Ryman and I have recently graduated from QUT with a Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies). I have gained employment as a registered nurse however to also gain accreditation as an exercise physiologist I need to complete some more practical hours and a few theory units. So… I’m doing 240 hours here at Fitnance.

I got involved in swimming at early age and continued up until a few years ago. I was swimming competitively at a state and national level which I think sparked my original interest in continuing on in the health and fitness industry. I have an interest in clinical rehabilitation from both a nursing and exercise physiology perspective and hope to be able to combine my dual degree in a clinical setting.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fitnance Advanced Lifitng Courses

For more information follow click the link below.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Common Myths and Misconceptions of Resistance Training

Common Myths and Misconceptions of Resistance Training

The Fitness industry is full on misinformation. This article aims to explore a number of the common myths and misconceptions of resistance training.
Myth 1: Toning of muscles
Myth 2: Spot reduction
Myth 3: Activating different portions of muscles
Myth 4: Muscle will turn to Fat.
Myth 5: Resistance training will cause women to get "man arms"
Click on the link below to read the full article.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome Luke Sharp to the Fitnance Team

Fitnance would like to welcome Luke Sharp to the Team. Luke will officially take up his position from the 20th of January.

Thanks Steve Lacey

Thankyou to Steve Lacey for all his hard work. Unfortunately for Fitnance, Lace has accepted another job, starting on the 20th of January. Steve's last day at Fitnance will be on Friday 14th of January.

Congratulations Rocket and Jumping Jackie!

Congratulations Rodney and Jackie Hill on the birth of Reuben Xavier Hill (Benny Hill). Watch out Hannah I say!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions V Gym Memberships.

New Year’s Resolutions V Gym Memberships!
It is the time of New Year’s Resolutions. Many people will have a fitness goal (weight loss) on top of their resolutions list. And gyms know this!
A high percentage of a gyms’ sales are converted in January!
Most big chain gyms have well trained membership consultants ready to sign up these new members. They have well practiced scripts designed at converting prospects into sales. Their aim is to sell a year long membership with monthly direct debits. These contracts are hard to get out of. They know that a lot of these new members will attend for only the first few weeks of their membership, and will then lose motivation. This can be a disappointing side of the fitness industry and leaves a lot of people with bad experiences, turning away from the fitness industry.
We need to also remember that these gyms are a business, and need to sell memberships to survive.
Is there a better model? Maybe a model where clients pay for results?