Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fitnance Strongman Team

Big Tim O'Shea is promoting a strongman competition on the 7th of January, 2012.
Competing will be Fitnance rookies Tanya Matthews and Mitchell Birch.

Both Tanya and Mitch were persuaded by Tim to join the competition and have been training in secret at the Fitnance gym.

The competition starts at 2pm with three men's categories and one women's category. The competition includes Brisbane's Strongest Man Matt Aichholzer and Adam Rose who placed in Melbourne's Strongest Man.

More details on the location and event at

What is the single best thing to improve your health?

Dr Mike Evans presents an informative, visual answer to the question:

'What is the single best thing we can do for our health?'

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Job Opportunity

Job Opportunities at Momentum Fitness Clubs:

At momentum we want to make a difference and change peoples lives for the better by helping them achieve their health and fitness goals, through tailored individual health and fitness programs that suit the wants and needs of each client. We have 2 full service 5 star personal training and fitness consultancy studios in Brisbane's CBD that offer client services for a low investment that anyone can afford in a friendly supportive environment.

What we offer our Fitness Consultants:
1. A fully systemised and private five star facility to conduct Personal Training from.
2. Weekly team training days and workshops to refine your skills and boost your business.
3. Cost effective start-up and ongoing support.
4. Regular leads and support in client generation and retention.
5. Great inner city locations providing massive opportunity to grow and develop a strong Personal Training business.

For more details on becoming a world class Health and Fitness Professional contacts are as follows:

Josh Davies
Momentum Queen Street
0448 448 457

Travis Telfer
Momentum Creek St
0412 297947

Greg Nicholson in Sydney to Hobart!

Good luck to Greg Nicholson aboard Wild Oats XI in this years Sydney to Hobart, starting on Boxing Day.

Greg is back in the race after a 13 year hiatus and will look to help Wild Oats XI to its 6th line honours win.

Congratulations to Greg for being on the crew of this vessel. Stay safe and good luck!

Head Swimming Coach position available at Somerset Hills

There is a Head Swimming Coach position available at Somerset Hills Swimming Club for term one of the 2012 season.

Coaching is in a school club environment (approx 20 hrs per week) teaching ages 4+. Additional hours may be available for holiday clinics and attendances at carnivals/BSA meets. The head coach will also oversee an experienced assistant coach.

Salary is from $35/hour dependant on experience and qualifications.

Australasian Gymnastics & Dance Academy Venue Manager/Head Coach

Australasian Gymnastics & Dance Academy is seeking an Assistant Venue Manager + MG Head Coach in 2012.

Applicants will work with the Manager to maintain the programs offered by the Academy. Head Coach position will require Level 1 Coaching Accreditation, Senior First Aid + CPR with good communication skills and initiative to work independently or in a team environment.

Salary starts from $50,000.
Applications close 13th January 2012.

More details at

Casual Water Polo coaching position at St Margaret's

St Margaret's Anglican Girls School at Ascot is looking for a casual water polo coach for February - March 2012.

Coaches should have Level 1 Coaching Accreditation and experience in skills development and encouragement of students of all ages.

Applications close January 6th 2012.

More details at .

Casual Basketball Coach position at St Margaret's

St Margaret's Anglican Girls School in Ascot is looking for casual basketball coaches for the February - June season.

Coaches should possess Level 1 Coaching Accreditation with a passion for working with and developing skills in students.

Applications close 6th January 2012.

Personal Trainer position at Nerang

Fenix Fitness at Nerang has a personal trainer position available.

Applicants require Cert III/IV in Fitness, First Aid + CPR and should be enthusiastic with an ability to maximize results and their career in a team environment.

Applications close on the 14th of January 2012.

Fitnance High Performance Ballet Team

Congratulations to the Fitnance High Performance Ballet Team (FHPBT for short) for their inaugural performance at the Fitnance Christmas Party.

Taught by Lauren, the night represented minutes of hard work by the team - with results just exceeding the low expectations set.

We hope the team keeps training into the new year to improve and hopefully compete on the world stage in 2012.

Thank you Lanita + family!

A BIG thankyou to Lanita and her family for performing at the Fitnance Christmas party on Friday night.

It was a fun night, with some fantastic music to celebrate a great year.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Canberra Triathlon results

Congratulations to both Tiffany Sheerin and Chris Weier for completing the tough Canberra triathlon on the weekend.

Tiffany finished in the top 10 of her category with a time of 2:38:09. This was a personal best which also included a sub 50 minute run.

Chris finished 8th in his category and 28th overall in a time of 2:07:58.

Congratulations to both Tiffany and Chris on the great results. Keep up the great work and keep training hard into the new year.

Jesse Kerrison competing at Omnium Nationals

Congratulations to Jesse Kerrison for competing in the national omnium titles over the weekend.

Jesse finished 6th overall (out of 24), including a great win in the scratch race over world champion Caleb Ewan.

Keep up the great work Jesse, good luck in the new year!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Revised Nutrition Guidelines

The National Health and Medical Research Council last week released new nutritional guidelines for Australian adults, adolescents and children. The new guidelines were released to highlight new research into appropriate dietary choices and to promote good nutrition and health. This comes at a time where obesity and type-2 diabetes are at an all-time high in Australia, with numbers set to rise further.

The guidelines recommend regular consumption of fruits and vegetables. Though this is nothing new, recent studies have shown a variety of vegetable types and colours can reduce the risk of some cancers. Similarly, consumption of a wide range of fruits has been shown to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Perhaps more obviously, the guidelines suggest strong evidence exists that sugar-sweetened drinks are associated with weight (fat) gain.

There is also new evidence suggesting eating whole grain products can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, excessive weight gain and type-2 diabetes. Milk and other dairy products have also been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease in some cases.

Committee chairwoman Doctor Amanda Lee summarises -
"We need to eat double the amount of vegetables and fruits, double the amount of wholegrain cereals, much more milk, yoghurt and low-fat cheese, and increasing our lean poultry and fish,"

Detailed guidelines can be found at

A simplified poster can be found at

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Fitnance would like to congratulate Jackie Hill for being selected in the State Equestrian Team.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Job Opportunity

Job Available
Personal Trainer
Employer – Everybody Bootcamps Indooroopilly
24/7 Gym with low rent
1 male and 1 female position available early next year
Contact Sam Waller via email or phone for more information
0425 512 470

Don't Lose Your Fitness Over Christmas

Fitness declines fast if you don't exercise. This concept is referred to as detraining. The principle of detraining simply means that when we stop exercising, we begin to decondition, meaning we gradually lose strength and aerobic fitness. Most people reduce the amount of exercise they participate in over the Christmas break. This can lead to losses in hard earned strength and aerobic fitness.

Evidence shows that two weeks of detraining is sufficient to cause a significant reduction in aerobic fitness. However, how quickly you lose your fitness and strength depends on several factors, including how fit you are, how long you have been exercising and how long you stop for.

Losses in strength and fitness are greater in beginners
than trained athletes. One study showed that beginners, who quit exercising after two months, lost all their aerobic gains and returned to their original fitness levels within two months of being inactive.
In comparison, a study on athletes showed that after three months of stopping exercise entirely, the athletes had lost about half of their aerobic gains over the last year. So, the fitter you are, the less fitness you will lose if you have a break from training.

On average it takes two weeks to rebuild the fitness los
t for each week of inactivity. This is something to consider over the Christmas break as it would be a shame to lose what you have worked so hard for.

Decreasing training level doesn’t result in the same loss of strength as completely stopping all exercise. So at Christmas time if you can’t maintain your usual training level then don’t stop completely. Even doing small amounts of weight bearing activity will minimise the amount of strength you lose. To minimize losses in aerobic fitness, aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise five times per week.

Feel free to ask the Fitnance staff about a maintenance program you can do at home over the Christmas break, and remember, it is a complete break from exercise for more than 2-3 weeks that will be the most detrimental.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Maintaining your weight over xmas

At Christmas time often our healthy diets and lifestyles are pushed aside in favour of calorie dense foods, alcohol and limited exercise. If you’ve been focusing on losing weight for months, it would be a shame to throw it all away and ruin your hard work in a short space of time. Think how good you would feel after Christmas if you maintained your current weight and level of fitness.

It is important to adapt an ongoing mindset of eating well out of respect for your body and not punishing yourself.

Here are a few tips to help maintain your weight and healthy eating mindset over Christmas:
  1. Eat until you feel full but not sickly stuffed.
  2. The first 3 mouthfuls always taste the best, after that the taste doesn't improve so try having just 3 bites of that Christmas cake and putting the rest away for another day
  3. Exercise in the morning, before the Christmas party. Exercising first thing in the morning will ensure you don't get distracted by events during the day and miss your workout.
  4. Exercise on Christmas day! Wake up early and go for a walk or run around the block before the festivities begin.
  5. Include fruit or salad with every main meal to reduce the calorie content. This season offers a huge variety of yummy fruit and vegetables such as mangoes, cherries, apricots, plums, asian greens, capsicum, cucumbers, mushrooms, peas, tomatoes and many more.
  6. Serve yourself up a piece of meat no bigger than the size of your palm then fill your plate with salad. Christmas lunch is often a buffet full of various types of meat but sticking to salad and no more meat than what would easily fit in the palm of your hand will make a huge difference to the calorie content of the meal.
  7. Eat dinner before going to that party. When at a function, the canapes are often full of calorie dense foods. Eating a small meal before you go will minimise hunger meaning you won't feel like you need to go back to that platter.
  8. Don't eat unless you are sitting down with food on a plate. Nibbling can add huge amounts of calories to your daily intake without you even realizing. By all means eat left overs, but put them on a plate and enjoy them as a set meal. Sit down and savour each mouthful.
  9. Lastly, just because its Christmas day doesn't mean you have to try everything on the table. Remember there will be left overs so you can always try what you missed on boxing day.
This time of year should be a celebration time, so make sure you enjoy yourself. By following a few simple rules you can minimise the calories you consume but not have to miss out completely.

Job Opportunities

The following is a list of jobs posted at the Sportspeople Jobs Market:

Fan Development Coordinator
Employer - Brisbane Lions AFC
Salary not stated
Location - Brisbane
Closing date - 18 Dec 2011

Franchise Opportunity in QLD
Employer - Step into Life Outdoor Group Personal Training
Salary - from $80,000 pa OTE
Location - all areas, QLD
Closing date - 7 Jan 2012

Media Manager
Employer -Sunshine Coast Sea Eagles
Salary - voluntary
Location - Sunshine Coast
Closing date - 5 Jan 2012

Events Coordinator
Employer - Rowing QLD
Salary -$40,000 pa + super
Location -Brisbane
Closing date - 13 Jan 2012

Women's Gymnastics Coach Level 1-3
Employer -Wide Bay Gymnastics Club
Salary - Not stated
Location - Hervey Bay
Closing Date -21st Dec

Gymnastics Coach
Employer - Wide Bay Gymnastics Club
Salary - Dependent upon experience and qualifications
Location - Hervey Bay
Closing Date -7 Jan

Basketball Coach
Employer -Special Olympics QLD
Location -Jindalee
Closing date -6 Jan 2012

Gymnastics Coaches
Employer -YMCA Brisbane
Salary-Not stated
Location -Brisbane
Closing date -6 Jan 2012


Fitnance would like to congratulate Joey Lala on his selection in the Australian Rugby 7's Team.
Well done Joe!!

Nikki Smith

Hi my name is Nikki and I have just finished my fourth year of a double degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition and Dietetics at QUT.
I am doing prac at Fitnance over December for a total of 140 hours.
I have always been interested in health and enjoy keeping fit and eating good food.
I have played hockey for 18 years as well as touch football, gymnastics, dancing, rugby union and athletics.
I look forward to meeting everyone at Fitnance!


Fitnance would like to congratulate Brooke Spence, Kim Carrol and the Women's Roar Team for their 2-0 win against Adelaide United.


Fitnance would like to offer their congratulations to the following athletes who competed in the Raby Bay Triathlon...
Kristy Harnett who achieved a time of 01:08:26
Josh Santacaterina who's time was 01:05:49
Sarah Richmond who's time was 01:15:05
Tiffany Sheerin who achieved a time of 01:15:33
Steven Houghton who's time was 01:16:34
Kaili Roach who achieved a time of 01:20:00
Brenda Cronin who's time was 01:28:13
Simon Lyell who's time was 01:10:59
Drew Standish who achieved a time of 01:19:57

Well done!

Fitnance would like to congratulate all athletes who competed in the State Swimming Championships.
Well done Melanie Schlanger who competed in the 200m Freestyle, Chris Wright for the 100m Butterfly and Jayden Hadler for the 100m Butterfly.


The Fitnance team would like to congratulate those who competed in the 2011 Zatopek meet on the 10th December.
In the men's 3000m Steeplechase Peter Nowill achieved a time of 8:55.59 and Daryl Crook ran 8:58.18.
In the women's 800m Brittany McGowan ran a time of 2:09.35.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The Fitnance Team would like to offer their congratulations to Matt Farmen, Steve Houghton, Bess BrownJohn and Simon Crook for completing the Toorbul Tri over the weekend.

Follow this link to see race results and photos from the event:

Fitnance would also like to congratulate Adam Constanti for his outstanding results at the Australian All Schools Nationals over the weekend. Adam placed second in the 100m event with a time of 11.27 and won gold in both the 4 x 100m and the Swiss relay (300m)

Great job everyone! Keep up the good work!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Job Opportunities from Seek

Personal Training adverts on Seek:

Personal Trainer with FitProfessionals - West Brisbane

Personal Trainer / Strength and Conditioning coach with Iron Underground – CBD & Inner Suburbs

Personal Trainer with Personal Best – Brisbane City, Kenmore & Sherwood

Personal Trainer with Stepz Fitness- St Lucia

See the website for many more job opportunities:

Job Opportunities from the Sportspeople Jobs Market

Please find below a list of jobs posted at the Sportspeople Jobs Market last week:

Closing Date

Gymnastics Queensland
Dependant upon experience and qualifications
Brisbane | QLD | Australia
1 Jan 2012

Closing Date

Sandgate PCYC
From $19 ph
Dependant upon experience and qualifications
Brisbane | QLD | Australia
2 Jan 2012

Gymfinity Gymnastics
Dependant upon experience and qualifications
Bundaberg | QLD | Australia
29 Dec 2011

Moreton Bay College Gymnastics
Not stated
Brisbane | QLD | Australia
16 Dec 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Job Opportunities

Please note the following fitness industry positions currently available around Brisbane;





Closing Date

Sports Stadium Centre Manager

Fernvale Indoor Sports Centre

Not stated

Fernvale | QLD | Australia

16 Dec 2011

Recreation Coordinator


Not stated

Brisbane | QLD | Australia

2 Dec 2011

Community Sport and Recreation Coordinator

South Pine Sports Association Inc.

From $45,000 pa
+ super

Brendale | QLD | Australia

22 Dec 2011





Closing Date

PR/Journalism Officer (Voluntary Capacity)

Special Olympics Queensland


Mt Gravatt | QLD | Australia

14 Dec 2011

Personal Trainer Positions;

Organisation: Fit Professionals

Location: West Brisbane


  • 1-on1 Personal Training Sessions
  • Group Fitness - conducting classes small/mid sized where necessary
  • Fitness Assessments & Full Programming
  • Club Maintenance - assisting in cleaning & keeping the club in top shape at all times


  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • Fitness Professional Registration & Insurance
  • ABN
  • First Aid & CPR


Organisation: Step it Up

Location: Daisy Hill

How Step It Up could benefit you:
- Flexible working hours
- Access to first class equipment and facilities
- The opportunity to supervise gym shifts and run group fitness classes.
- You will be pushed to succeed. Your success is our success; we provide training and support on request for no additional expense to you.
-A positive atmosphere with the aim of making you as successful as possible.

What Step It Up requires from you:
- Enthusiasm and a friendly personality
- Certificate III in Fitness (or higher)
- Current first aid and CPR (or willingness to obtain)

contact: Spencer Wright - 1800 783 748

Organisation: Iron Underground Strength Training & Fight School

Location: Inner Suburbs

Duties and Responsibilities

- Manage your own personal training operation within our facility including budgeting, sales, managing your clientele and professional conduct
- Major tasks include the conduct of personal training sessions, the care and management of clients and helping maintain a tidy work environment

Education & Qualifications

- Cert IV in Fitness
- ABN (or prepared to get one)
- Insurance
- First Aid Certificate

Experience Required

- Several years of working within the industry or established within the industry preferred however this is not an essential requirement!
- Your salary will be determined ultimately by you. Big opportunity.
- Limitless potential to begin or further develop your personal training operation utilizing our flexibility and niche market.

contact: Paul Thompson - 0422 671 661