Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Southbank Tri Club

Fusion Games: Results!

Fitnance Team
Fusion Games - Results

Results from The Fitnance Womens Criterium

1st - Liz Young – Lifecycle Cycling Club
2nd - Brittany Lindores – Goldcoast CATS
3rd - Wendy Habermann – Sunshine Coast
4th - Zoe Watters – Lifecycle Cycling Club
1st Master Patricia Sutton-Davies – Hamilton Pine River Wheelers

Results from Fits at The Fusion Games:

Kristy Harnett; Time:37.04 Overall Placing:9 Age Division Placing:2
Tiffany Sherrin; Time:35.29 Overall Placing:6 Age Division Placing:3
Matthew Sherrin; Time:32.49 Overall Placing:20 Age Division Placing:3
Brooke Sherrin; Time:9.13 Placing:5
Kathy Turner; Time:40.30 Overall Placing:15 Age Division Placing:1

Thanks to Matt and Chelsie and the Fusion Team for putting on an awesome event!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Strongest Man In The World

How to Clean and Jerk!

Lance Armstrong Tribute.

Lance Armstrong Tribute: Good

Jets v Souths

Well done to the Jets' Colts and FOGS Teams for good wins over Souths on the Weekend.

The Colts won 28-14
The FOGS won 26-16
The CUP Team had a disappointing loss 34-12.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Aerobic Test

If you want a simple way to assess your aerobic fitness there is an equation that you can use for a treadmill or outdoor running. You must run for approximately 2 kms at an all-out effort. You must give it your maximum for it to be your VO2max. It takes approximately 3 mins for your aerobic system to become fully activated which is why 2kms is an appropriate distance for this test. Once completed you then plug your results into the equation:

VO2(mL/kg/min) = (0.2 x S) + (0.9 x S x G) + 3.5

S = Speed in m/min (divide distance in metres by mins)
G = Gradient in % (Gradient of 3=0.03%

If you choose to do this test in the outdoors make sure the terrain is flat so you can assume the gradient is 0. To calculates the METs you can simply divide VO2 by 3.5.

Dan the Work Experience Man

Hi my name is Dan. I’m here doing some work experience for uni. I’m currently in the fourth year of my degree, studying Business and Human Movement Science.
I’ve always had a passion for fitness which stems from my love of competitive sport. It has only been in the last couple of years that I have really gained an understanding of how the body works and how much information needs to be known to be involved in the fitness industry. I’m hoping to gain some good practical experience from my time at fitnance to help me on my way in my future career.
I’m thankful to fitnance for giving me a place to get some much needed experience. So if you ever need anything I’ll be around and I’ll do my best to help you in any way I can.

Wynnum-Manly Seagulls 38 d Jets 6

Unfortunately, the Jets went down again on the weekend to the Wynnum-Manly Seagulls. The boys were all but out of the contest by half-time as Wynnum jumped away to a 26 to nil half-time lead. To the Jets credit they managed to arrest Wynnum’s momentum in the second half but ultimately lost 38 points to 6 by the full-time siren. The team tried valiantly but mistakes cost them dearly. Hopefully the boys can turn their misfortunes around this weekend when they take on Souths.

Gold Coast Marathon Results

Congratulations to all the guys that finished the half and full marathons at this year’s Gold Coast Marathon. Everyone woke early to participate in the 21.1 and 42.2, half and full marathons respectively. Tanya took home bragging rights in the half marathon finishing in 1hr:48mins. Other times were Tiffany 1:53, Gary 1:53, Andrew 1:52, Sandra 2:24, Andrew 1:52 and Averill 2: 31. Brad took the bragging rights in the marathon, finishing in an impressive 3:17, with Matt finishing in an extremely respectable 3:55. It was a great effort from everyone to get out to the Gold Coast early on a Sunday’s winter morning.

It is important to note that there were also other people that finished in various distances. The GC marathon had a record 23, 812 participants across the various formats. In the men’s marathon James Kariuki of Kenya came in first with a time of 2:13. Africans took out the top five spots in the men’s marathon (who would have thought Africans would go alright at a marathon). Kaori Yoshida of Japan finished first with a time of 2:31 in the women’s marathon, with the Japanese women taking out the top 3. Jeffrey Hunt took out an Aussie quinella in a time of 1:03 in the half marathon, with Aussie Lisa Weightman claiming top spot in the women’s in a time of 1:09 just behind the boys. Regardless of how fast everyone ran and what place or time they finished everyone that finished is a winner (extremely corny I know, but very true).

Fitnance's Borys Zagrocki Riding his Bike. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fitnance Business Course

Are you fit for business?

Fitnance Business Course 1
Our course will equip you with the practical skills to set up and run your own PT business.
We can help you with:
• Setting up the right business structure
• Registering your business name
• Finding the right insurance at a good price
• Doing the bookkeeping, BAS and TAX
• Managing your cashflow
• Promoting you business
• Planning for success
Fitnance Business Course 1 will be delivered by qualified business consultants.

Brett Robinson
Company Director with 20 years experience in accounting and small business development

Darren Jones
Company Director with 15 years experience in marketing small businesses and improving sales

When: 9am – 1pm
Monday 26th July 2010
Where: 4/65 Manilla St, East Brisbane QLD 4169
Cost: $270

Contact: Fitnance Australia
P. 07 3391 0022
M. 0427 380 006

State of Origin

Hi I’m Ricky Biles a trainee at Fitnance. I support New South Wales in the State of Origin and I was quite confident that they would beat Queensland in game 3. I said to Steve who is a QLD supporter that NSW would win. He said to me that "if NSW lose, next Tuesday when you come in for work you have a thousand sit ups to do in a day, and if they win I’ll do the sit ups". I agreed with the bet we shook on it and QLD won.
I walked into work this morning at 6 this morning and saw Steve here, I put my head down and walked straight upstairs. I just put my bag down and I heard “come on sit ups”. So at 6 in the morning I’m there doing sit ups and an hour later I said to him 700 to go and he said to me “Mate you should never back against QLD”. So now I’m going to think twice before having bets with Steve, any New South Wales supporters, I suggest you don’t bet Steve on an Origin game because if you don’t win you’re going to pay and it’s going to hurt.

Chris on vacation

Chris and Katerina have been away for the past 3 weeks in the Czech Republic on vacation. In that time Chris managed to get over to see some of the first stages of the Tour de France. Chris is enjoying his time abroad and has found something better than cereal!