Monday, June 18, 2012


Athletes and the general public-alike all fall susceptible to fatigue and decreased immune function, so therefor adequate recovery, sleep and nutrition becomes fundamental. When we have a decreased immune response, our immune system is more fragile and less able to fight everyday viruses and germs.

Sleep has been noted as the best form of recovery for physiological and psychological repair and restoration. A decreased immune and endocrine system will impair the recovery process and adaptations to training.

Some tips to enhance quality and quantity;

- plan fluid/food intake - high GI foods and foods high in tryptophan (such as a glass of milk and a banana) promote sleep.
- ensure that the bed is comfortable and at the recommended ambient temperature of (19-21 degrees).
- avoid thinking, planning or other mental tasks whilst in bed - 'to do list'

A study conducted on healthy adults showed that adults who achieved <7hrs/night were 3 times more likely to develop symptoms of the common cold than those who slept >8hrs/night

How much are you getting?

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