Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trainee: Peter Breid

Hello, I'm Peter Breid. I am currently attending year 12 at St. Teresa's Catholic College in Noosa. I enjoy sports such as Grid-iron, Baseball, Soccer and Basketball. I began my certificate 3 in Fitness with Fitnance in late February 2012, I enjoy this course very much because of the opportunities it offers in workplaces around the world, and the benefits it provides during the duration of the course. I hope in the following years, to utilise the skills i've obtained throughout this course and seize the unlimited opportunities that the course has and will prepare me for. Even though at the moment I hope to one day enlist in the Unite States Marine Corps, this qualification gives me many ideas as to what alternative options could be :)
Thanks to Mitch and everyone at Fitnance

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