Thursday, June 21, 2012


Congratulations Sue for qualifying for the 5th Washington's Strongest Apple - America's Strongest Women Competition 2012. Trials were held on the 2nd of June.

The training for this contest was harder than the 2011 Strongest Woman contest in which Sue was a runner up. Sue took the title of Washington's strongest middle-weight woman which qualified her for the America's Strongest Woman competition. She qualified for the event with the following results;

- 225kg yoke run over 25 metres - 27 seconds
- 130kg deadlift (no straps) - 12 reps in 60 seconds
- 65kg a hand farmers walk over 50 metres - 54 seconds 9hand implements were tough)
- 28kg kettle bell clean and press - 14 reps in 60 seconds
- 50, 60, 70 and 80kg keg load to 1.3 metre platform (standing) - 3 kegs in 30 seconds (failed loading 80kg).

Many thanks to Sue's sponsors;

Gentec Nutrition - Nick Jones and Ang Tsiougus for amazing supplements and ongoing support.
Fitnance - for ongoing use of their training facility
Simon Colley and Ty Johns from Pride Personal Training

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