Thursday, October 23, 2014

FIT’s News

By Chris
Well done to these FIT's over  the weekend.
  • Gabbi Nance and Bec Reuter on making the Hockeyroos Squad
Brisbane to Gold Coast  Ride
  • Martin Corkery, Kathy and Gary Turner, Jemma Purandare,  Dale Harris, Shana Englehart, Lauren Ellis, Nick Gill, T—Train, Sam Murray and Jake Bartholomaeus
Adelaide Duathlon
  • Steve Kanowski (Enticer top 10 Oceanic Champion)
  • Mel Lush
  • Anna Booth 1st National and Oceanic Champion.
  • Kristyn Mackrell
QTS  Robina Race
  • Ben Cook 2nd
  • Katy Berezovsky
  • Tony Sampson
Uni Crit World Championships
  • Peter Nowill, Peter Garrone, Christophe Manchon, Dave Kalinowski, Ben Cook, Steven Leitch rode like Astana on the juice.
Muzza  Crit
  • Craig Walker
406km in aDay: Maxine Seear, Alice  Manchon, Matt, Peter Garrone, Christophe Manchon, Dave Kalinowski
Good luck Team Fitnance in Lifting For Life.
Kellie Bird showed up to gym
Team Mowen played the World Beach Volleyball Tour in China.

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