Thursday, June 13, 2013

2013 Northern University Games - Game Time Results Officer

The Results Officer is involved in implementing an on time and efficient results process.
This job is voluntary so you won’t be getting paid this job is located in Brisbane Australia QLD.
Detailed description about the job:
Key Tasks and Responsibilities

During the event:
  • Become familiar with event sport rules and regulations
  • Become familiar with AUS policies and procedures relating to results
  • Receive and record incoming results ensuring they are recorded correctly and then transferred to the online competition management system
  • Implement filing systems both hard copy and electronically
  • Cross checking of results as part of the end of day process
Have a look at this link before you wish to apply for the job.
To apply for this position please follow these steps:
1.    Read the position description in detail to understand what is expected of you
2.    Check to ensure you are available for the duration of the position
3.    Update your resume to no more than three pages
4.    Be prepared to submit example of written work along with your application.
5.    Apply via email at
Closing date for this job is the 4th of July 2013.
Please contact Cherie Murphey on (07) 3054 4619.

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